So if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will know that I LOVE ribbons. LOVE them. I am like a 5 year old in a lead line class when it comes to ribbons and I still squeal in delight when I get a nice one. I think that maybe, just maybe I am growing up a little about the whole ribbon thing.

Exhibit A – Lucky got a year end award for the halter show last year. I had been planning to go out of town the weekend of the awards ceremony. When I got the invitation I thought about canceling my getaway so I could get my big ribbon but guess what? I didn’t! I waited until they sent it to me in the mail!

Exhibit B – I waited a whole 24 hours at the first show of the year before getting my ribbon. That might not sound like a lot, but trust me, it is.

So why am I bragging about my new found will power? Especially since me with will power still is not even close to the normal adult amateur attitude when it comes to ribbons?

Ladies and gentleman I would like present Exhibit C.

I actually voluntarily just signed up for four weekday shows in the evening this summer…that DON’T GIVE RIBBONS. That’s right. I am paying money and giving up time to go to shows that don’t really count. I know, I know, you are wondering who I am and what I have done with OnTheBit. It is really me though.

These weekday shows are held on Thursday nights from around Memorial day until around Labor day. I picked the first two and last two to do. I even have my times already.

One of my big goals for this year with Lucky is just to get out and about and get her more experience. For a fee of $25 for two tests (I am a member of the Local Show Grounds) these shows fit the bill (literally and figuratively). Plus, they are much more laid back then a standard show. I can show in a polo and don’t have to braid. Yay! And they have two rings going so I will get to ride one test in front of one judge and one test in front of a local trainer. You can’t beat that bang for the buck. Lucky and I are so going to be old show pros by the end of the year.

Oh, and before you all congratulate me on finally growing up…as long as we do one of these shows we will qualify to be in their series championship show…which gives out ribbons 😛 Our first Thursday Night Dressage (TND) is only a few weeks away. So fun!


2 thoughts on “TND

  1. You’re so funny! The daughter and I both just take the $1 coins our shows hand out. We could trade them in for ribbons but don’t. I AM proud of you for pre-signing up for those 4 shows. That’s awesome. I wish we had something like that you can just do in one evening.

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