How Much Do You Think It Would Cost

To fly Gen to Turkmenistan? Because I am confident he could be the 2013 winner!


One thought on “How Much Do You Think It Would Cost

  1. Basically you are looking at $10,000 each way to Germany just for the flight (do ya want him to come home?..yes of course ya do)…but that’s not the whole story. 1 week in quarantine on both ends (gelding). Then the real fun starts.

    The trailer ride…from hell. Germany,Poland, Ukrain, Russia, Kazakhstan, into Uzbekistan and finally traveling across Turkmenistan to the Capitol Ashgabat. That one way truck/trailer ride is well over 3000 miles…more like 5000. Cost…who knows but I’m sure very negotiable.

    You could fly into Dubai….then truck/trailer through Abu Dabai, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran to get to Turkmenistan…but we don’t want some Nut job thinking General is a real American general now do we. The State Department would also have major issues with your trip with General. The trip from the North is much safer. No real “un-friendly’s”.

    I guess my point is its not really worth all the hassle for a beauty contest…although have you seen that show where they put preteen girls into those outrageous “Beauty Pagents”? Anything is possible I guess.

    Would be a great way to see those parts of the world tho…what a neat bucket list idea.

    Love the blog!!!

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