My 2012 Kentucky Derby Hat

So it has been a long standing tradition for me to go to a Kentucky Derby Party every year. For the past several years the Owner’s of Gen’s barn have had a party. To me that is the best place to be because not only are the parties fun, but if there is a problem with a horse (and lets face it, TB’s today are not the most hearty breed) and I get upset I just need to walk down the driveway to my OTTB who makes everything better. So every year I made myself a Derby Hat. This year was no exception.

I almost went back and just used an old one (I have a stack of them in my closet) but that just didn’t seem right. I went to Michaels and Target and picked up supplies last weekend to make my hat.

The “Before” picture

I know it is not the best hat ever. In fact, I have never won a hat contest at a Derby Party. Those always go to the professionally done “Church Lady” hats. I don’t care though. I love that it is unique and that it is totally Derby Inspired! Plus I scaled back this year and went for a more normal hat. Behold the finished product!

What are you all doing for the derby?


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