1 Year of Lucky


I can’t believe that I have been riding Lucky for a year! The time has flown by! I wouldn’t have even realized it, but I was on the phone with the Young Rider and she pointed out the anniversary to me. It has been one amazing year! I cannot believe all of the progress that we have made in 12 short months.

Last year Lucky wouldn’t stop. She would truck ahead and did not understand that she could slow down and still be walking/trotting/cantering. She thought you had to go to Mock 10 at every gait in order to do it. She had not been ridden or worked with in so long that she was way out of shape. Her canter was scary. Getting on her was scary. I had to run her into the fence around the ring for like the first 2 months I rode her just to get her to listen.

I knew she had a good heart though and that she was very sensible. She isn’t spooky or crazy at all. She just is a mare who thinks that her way is the best way. Lucky is easy to work with on the ground, but she is very, VERY opinioned when you ride. If she thinks she can’t do something she will pitch a fit. She had a lot of fits when we first started.

As time as gone on she has gotten better and better. I like my horses to go in a very specific way and even though it took us a year to get there, Lucky goes now just the way I like. She has gotten stronger and more flexible. Sure, she is still stiff and green, but she is 1,000 times better than last year.

We have a clear canter. It is 3 beats and it is getting better with each and every ride. She stops! I don’t even have to use hand all of the time to get her to do it. She is listening to my body now. We also have a half halt! Yay! Last weekend I was inspired by watching the coverage of the Rolex to ride on a hilly field instead of in the ring. I would have never dreamed of doing that a year ago.

We are a long, long ways away from being great, but I have to say that I am really enjoying her a lot right now. This is also the happiest and least stressful lease situation I have been involved in. I think that is because I am finally not trying to control everything. Yay for personal growth! I told myself not to get attached again to a horse that wasn’t my own, but one year in and I am totally smitten with my Lucky. I can’t help it, she is just so stinking cute!


3 thoughts on “1 Year of Lucky

  1. Good for you and Lucky. She seems smart and willing I think she just needed someone to show her how it’s done and take an interest in her. Glad you two make such a good team. I wish it was in the cards for you to buy her and make her your very own. Keep having fun.

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