The Many Faces of Gen

You know those charts you see of all the smiley faces that used to help little kids figure out emotions? Yeah, well I feel like I could make one of those charts with Gen. I LOVE having an expressive horse, I never have to guess what he is thinking. Can you tell what my horse is feeling in the pictures below? I am curious to see if you see the same emotions I do…


5 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Gen

  1. Let’s see…

    1: Really? You’re taking my picture again. Come on. Stop it already.
    2: Hi mom!
    3: The sun feels really nice. I think I’ll take a little nap.
    4: Getting bored over here.
    5: I’m not going to pose anymore. Instead, I’m going to make funny faces because I’m getting bored. Did I say that already?
    6: Here, get my good side. I am the most handsome horse ever, so both sides are my good side, but you know the light is hitting me just right if I stand this way.

  2. He’s so expressive.

    Let’s see…
    “Ugh… This again?”
    “Ok, ok. *pose* Did you get it?”
    “Mmmm… sunshine. So nice.”
    “What? You’re still shooting?”
    “Hey ma… what’s that… over….there?”
    “NO SERIOUSLY! Look at it!”

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