Gen’s Pretty Little Leg

While that might look scary to some of you, I think that picture above is great! So that beautiful leg was what the barn owner was talking about yesterday. I have to admit that it really does look good. In fact, I would agree with her that it is probably the best it has looked since Gen hurt it back in 2007. For those of you new readers this is what it looked like back then…

So yeah, it has, without a doubt, gotten better with time. So why is it looking so good now? I mean, it is the time of year when Gen only gallops from point A to point B (even when the two points are only 20 feet away) so it should look terrible. Instead of being puffy it is tight…well tight considering. You can even see the middle tendons in the top photo! I know, I know, only a few inches of the middle, but there is still a middle!

I think I know why it looks so good. It is the fact that it has been DRY out. We are 5 inches of rain below normal for this year…and that is AFTER a single storm last weekend that dumped 3 inches of rain in a day. I know gardeners in my area are freaking out about it, but Gen’s leg is very happy with the lack of rain. I know that it won’t look this good forever, but I will enjoy that pretty leg while I can!


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