The First Horse Show of 2012 – Part 2

The morning of the show dawned clear and warmer than expected. The forecast had called for showers and clouds all day, but as I got in the truck to drive to Gen’s and get the trailer the sky was a beautiful blue. Even though it was very early (i.e. I was not fully awake yet) I am proud to say that I was still able to line up to my trailer in one shot! Mornings tend to be hard for my coordination, but clearly that trailer and I have it going on 😛 I gave Gen a cookie (I had woken him up) and headed out to deal with my not so clean Lucky.

When I pulled in the driveway she looked up and was not amused. Lucky for me, Lucky loves food so it didn’t take too long to convince her to come to me. She wasn’t as dirty as I had been expecting so by the end out our hour long grooming session she was literally glowing with good health. Since the show grounds were so close and she can be a little cold backed I decided to go ahead and saddle her at home. I know some people are very against doing that, but everyone I had asked about it prior to this show had told me it was a good idea. I left the girth loose enough so she was plenty comfortable but tight enough that it wouldn’t roll on her. Once she was tacked and the truck was packed with all our grooming supplies we headed out to the trailer.

If you all could have seen me you would have been laughing. I was walking with a super determined stride and my shoulders thrown back. Ever hear the phrase fake it till you make it? Yeah, I was totally faking it. I told myself out loud over and over again, “You will be fine, act like you know she will do it”. It was such an act that I must have looked like a Peacock strutting around! I lined Lucky up the with the trailer and acted like Dom was there with me.

Lucky marched right on most of the way…and then stopped to poop. The poop was flying right where the butt bar would go. I made the executive decision to wait to put my hand there until she was finished. As soon as she was done I grabbed for the butt bar, but she started to back out right away so I put my hand on her butt…which is her cue to unload. Yeah, not good. Thankfully, as part of our trailer training session, Dom had taught me all of the cues I would need to make things happen instead of just doing it herself and not telling me how. I knew what I had done wrong so I went to fix it. Lucky and I went around and tried it again.

Again Lucky went right on and then went right off. I again gave her the wrong cue when she took her first step back so I couldn’t be mad at her. This was my fault! I took a deep breath and got refocused. I knew what needed to happen…I just needed to do it. The third time was the charm. This time I used the appropriate cues and it worked perfectly! I closed her up and looked at my watch. We were perfectly on time! I decided to take off my sweats and put my tall boots on at home so I would be ready to go as soon as we got there if she was acting crazy.

During my very short drive I ended up seeing my trainer who was on the way to her barn. Just seeing her and having waving and being happy for me on the drive gave me a boost of confidence. I drive those roads everyday and haven’t seen her for months. To luck out and see her on the morning of a show when I needed the extra support was amazing! When I got to the show grounds I was the first one there so I got to pick my parking spot! I wasn’t too surprised since I was the second ride of the day.

To Be Continued…


3 thoughts on “The First Horse Show of 2012 – Part 2

  1. Very proud of you for not getting frustrated and remembering your cues. Good work 🙂 I ship with a saddle on all the time for short distances 🙂

  2. Just agreeing with Terry. I too am a “back up, get out, check, get in, back up a bit more, get out, check again, get in, back up, hit the trailer with the truck, pull forward …” I have a set of those magnetic pole things but they don’t stay on very well–we have a lot of wind where I live and they blow off easily. I always plan to hitch the trailer the day BEFORE the event so I have plenty of time ;o)

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