Goals for Saturday’s Show…

So I am beyond excited for the show on Saturday and I don’t know why. I mean, I am doing Intro flipping A…not exactly the most exciting test ever if you know what I mean. I think it is just because I only got to do one dressage show last year (although I tried to do half a dozen).

The show on Saturday does not count for anything for me. The organization that it is affiliated with I won’t be doing year ends for this year, I have never heard of the judge, and the show is just laid back in general. The owner of the barn does most everything for the show all by herself (you can see her running the scores, tabulating them, and then posting them while she tries to make sure everything is going smoothly).

I am not even planning on wearing my show coat or braiding so it is not even like I am using it as a photo session (not that anyone is going to be with me to take pictures anyway). I just can’t wait to get in the show ring! Lucky and I have been working really hard as of late so I am really looking forward to getting some feedback. Since I have been obsessing with this show I decided to organize my thoughts into some goals…

1) Don’t Get Handsey – Since Lucky is not used to going out and about I am sure that she will be nervous, or at least up at the show. I have been working really hard on my position for the past two months and I don’t want to loose that just because my horse might be looking around, tense and not listening. If she gets up I need to be even more quiet than usual. It will be hard for me though because when I feel out of control my first instinct is to go to my hands…I won’t let myself do that anymore.

2) Do Everything Myself – So I am going to this show alone so you would think this would be an easy goal, but I am sure that I will run in to someone that I know because it is a local show. People always offer to help when they see you are alone, but even though it is tempting to have someone take off her boots or close the butt bar on the trailer I need to know that I can do it alone!

3) Don’t Loose Equipment – I swear I loose something at every show…and that is with someone else there to give things to! I am still upset about loosing the worlds best lunge line a few years back at a show. I haven’t decided if I am going to use a whip or not, but if I do it will just be for the warm-up…which is the perfect situation to forget about it!

4) Get a 6 on Our Freewalk – When Lucky was just coming back to work we did a lot of walking so we really worked on this. She still hallows out unless I am an active rider, which is why this is a good goal (although normally I don’t like to do things based on a judge’s score because it is so subjective). I know that if I ride the movement she won’t have a problem.

5) Feel Confident – Last year I didn’t know or trust Lucky 100%. This year I really feel like I do. I want to go in to the show ring going “Look at my horse” and not “please don’t let this be that bad”. In my very unscientific study of showing I find that riders who feel confident do much better in the show ring. They ask for that little bit more from their horses and are not afraid to make corrections. I can handle anything that Lucky can throw at me so I just need to focus on making her look as good as possible. This is the first time in a long time that I feel 100% ready for a show so I want to make sure it stays that way


11 thoughts on “Goals for Saturday’s Show…

  1. Everyone has to start a “new journey” somewhere, and for you it’s “Intro flippin’ A.” Good for you ;o) You COULD still be at “Mounting Block 1.”

    As for your goals, because your test is not a worry (no half-passes or canter pirouettes), you can devote your time to the OTHER “baby steps” with the hands and keeping track of things and not overfacing the mare. Plenty of OTHER stuff to think about.

    GOOD LUCK!! Will look forward to a full report.

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Don’t obsess or stress out and you’ll be just fine. Lucky is a good horse and with your guidance she’ll be with you all the way. Good luck, take a deep breathe and relax it’s only a show!

  3. Good luck! You and Lucky will be fine. But…Accept help if it’s offered. No one can do anything totally alone. And don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a 6 on her free walk – the actual score is out of your control; just do your best. And no waiting 3 weeks to tell us how it went!

  4. I’m really excited for you and expect a full report by Monday! Since we are cutting WAY back on showing this year, I’m going to have to live vicariously through others. The pressure is on! Just kidding – have a great time!! And stay tuned soon for a blog post from me on my daughter’s new horse adventure with a new discipline.

  5. Good luck! All I ever showed my horse in was Intro, I did A & B, and I was thrilled to be able to compete. We didn’t win, but I was happy just to be there. It doesn’t matter what level you’re showing at, it’s just that you’ve accomplished everything that needed to be done to get to the show in the first place, which is all consuming.

    I am doing my first show in a long long long time on May 5th, and I can’t wait. It’s just a little open show, and I’m doing 3 itty bitty driving classes, and not even with my own horse! It’s a horse I’ve trained for his owners, and it will be his (AND MINE!) first (driving) show, and I can’t wait to get him into the arena.

    Enjoy the day today and I hope you have beautiful weather to ride in. Have fun!

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