Lucky’s Friday the 13th – Part 1

So last week I used my time off from work to do what every horse crazy person would…I spent TONS of time at the barn! I got some projects done like pulling Lucky’s mane and rode and rode and rode some more. It was great! One of my big goals this year is to go to a show by myself and not be worried about it. Considering my number one stress from showing has nothing to do with the show itself I figured it was time I get myself some professional help to calm my nerves.

A few weeks back I was trying to catch up on blogs and saw a post Dom did. Dom is local and she is a trainer. When I saw her get a horse with known trailer issues to self load I knew I wanted in! I got Lucky to load easily by the end of the year last year, but SELF LOADING…that was the sort of thing my dreams were made of. I got in touch with Dom to see when she could come out. She told me to just pick a day, so I did. I chose the following Friday without even batting an eye. When she pointed out it would be Friday the 13th…well our journey almost ended there.

I am not the most superstitious person in the world, but having a horse named Lucky can make any rational person a little crazy. Especially after our disastrous show season in 2011. I checked my calendar again and since there was no other options I figured I would just deal with it and not think about it.

I literally only use my Truck when I am pulling the trailer or when there is an issue with my car. Since my car is new and was problem free this winter I put the truck away after the snow storm in October (well, after a bath after the snow storm) and didn’t think about it again all winter. A smart person would have tried to drive the truck before they needed it…not me :P. I figured I would just expect disaster on Friday the 13th and deal with what came.

Imagine my surprise when the truck STARTED UP right away first thing in the morning. I had built plenty of time in to the schedule to allow me to jump start the battery, but I didn’t need to. I was a little shocked, but was really happy to be off to such a good start. I got to Gen’s barn earlier than planned but figured that would be good since it might take me a little while to hook up since we now have three trailers at the barn and not two. I was wrong. I literally got it on my own first try.

It is funny but you would think having two good things happen in a row would shake my spookiness right out. It didn’t though. In fact, it made it worse. My life has never been that easy. Things don’t normally go the way they are supposed to. I figured the bad thing would happen and would happen soon…

To Be Continued…


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