Just because I have been quiet doesn’t mean I haven’t been working my butt off…

So the past few months have been crazy! In a good way. Something had to give and it was unfortunately the blogging. I have tried to do some quick updates and snap some pictures, but sitting down to write a post has just not been an option. I am going to try and get better at that, especially since show season is right around the corner and I use this blog as a journal for myself in my horsey life as well as keeping everyone else abreast of what is going on.

So in the past few months I have really focused on riding correctly. You see, when I thought I needed to show at T-3 this year I knew it wouldn’t happen riding the real way so I had panned on faking it (hey, don’t judge…most people out there fake it and the judges still give them nice scores). I was determined to throw Lucky in a head set and not deal with all of the rest of it. Between finding out I had the extra year and several well spoken lectures from friends I came to the realization that the only way I should be doing things these days is the correct way.

I want to make my old green horse as comfortable as possible and that means that I need to ride her correctly and not worry about the rest. That meant not worrying about her face and instead focusing on her body. I started at the back and have slowly worked my way forward. Speaking of forward…that is how Lucky goes right now! And go figure…I actually need to ride her with a whip. It would have never occurred to me use one with my Thoroughbred who doesn’t stop very well. It has been very, very helpful though.

I have had some friends ride Lucky (full details on that in another post) which has been tremendously helpful! They had different ideas than me on things and also confirmed some of her issues that I had thought I might be creating…turns out no, she really is just a stiff, twisted old girl. I have not had a lesson on her in a long, long time so getting feedback was beyond helpful. I also decided to take it upon myself to focus on me.

This also deserves a whole post on its own, but I have a friend who lives a little over an hour away who was willing to help me with me. She has a little Quarter horse who is confirmed and shown through third, who has little itty bitty movement that is very, very easy to ride. If you do it right he does his job, if not he won’t. I have been going down to visit her and she has helped me to start to fix my position, which in turn has helped me tremendously with Lucky.

Lucky is still coming back from the tendonitist. We are able to work for an hour, but a lot of it is at the walk and we just started to do canter transitions again this week. It has been a slow go of it because she just got so weak with her time off. Not only that, but I am now really asking her to use her hind end so she gets tried quickly back there. It is clear when you ride her that she is not in peak physical condition.

So in order to work on that I have been trying to ride her as much as possible. It is still hard to get out there after work, but I know that if I can do a consistent 4 days a week she will be fighting fit in no time. So that brings us to where we are now…

We still have issues. She still throws the occasional temper tantrum, I can still twist myself all up in knots when I ride, but we are absolutely getting better. I decided to enter us into a show next week to see how we do. Last time out at into A we did not break a 55%. This time I honestly think we can do better than that. I have also decided to just do one test. The show is a schooling show, but it doesn’t count for anything besides having a judge look at us. I think given her fitness level and the fact that this is only going to be her third show (and I am going alone so that will be one goal for the year met) I am making a good decision to just do one test and have it be the easiest one.

My goal with Lucky this year is to get her comfortable with being out and about. I also want her to use her body better. Considering it is only the middle of April I think we are off to a really, really good start…


2 thoughts on “Just because I have been quiet doesn’t mean I haven’t been working my butt off…

  1. I think you’re off to a really good start too. Lucky sounds like she’s coming along nicely. In my book it’s always better to take it slow and do it right. Good luck at the show and the main thing is don’t stress.

  2. I know what you mean about old green horse. That describes Yndi, except not really old, just middle aged. Sixteen is old to be green. What was interpreted as temper tantrums by the trainer are what I see as just being overwhelmed. I needed to slow down, back up, and make clear my expectations.

    Latest finding: Nobody ever taught her to yield to the bit. You pull on the rein, she set her mouth. Not resistance. Five minutes of feel, right out of Bill Dorrance, and she had it. Now I just have to let her know that it’s the same, every day.

    Older greenies are puzzles.

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