If you have ever wanted to own a little part of an Olympic Dream…

Here is your chance. My dressage idol, Courtney King-Dye, was badly hurt a few years back in a freak accident while down in Wellington. How big of a Courtney fan am I? A long time before the Olympic selection trials I had already made her one of the “categories” on my blog! Even after she was hurt I kept talking about her because she is an amazing talent in the dressage field. Even though she cannot ride she is a beautiful writer who will hopefully continue to help all of us other riders out there. I couldn’t afford to be a part of Courtney’s Quest the first time because I was really broke (2007 was the year Gen was hurt). I am not 100% sure if I can swing the $100 this time, but I am going to at least try (how I wish the minimum was only $50). Read the whole article here, but if you can spare a Benjamin you can be a part of a potentially movie making story. I mean, top ride goes to the Olympics and places fourth only to get hurt and come back 4 years later as a Para-Olympian…that needs to be on the big screen!


5 thoughts on “If you have ever wanted to own a little part of an Olympic Dream…

  1. What is up with that $100 minimum? Maybe we can all pass the hat and make a 100 pile to send in – kind of like a CKD Mutual Fund of Giving? 🙂

  2. I love that idea! I know what you mean about the $100 minimum…something tells me she wasn’t thinking of getting support from normal folks but rather wealthily people who don’t blink an eye at $100…

  3. I have a feeling it has more to do with whatever setup is being used/fees, rather than her thinking $5 from anyone who can donate it isn’t good enough! When she was looking for a horse to use, I so wished my horse had the mind to do well as a paralympic ride, because his walk is his one international quality gait. He gets 9s at levels where judges rarely give above 7! If he had the right mind to be great for her, I would have paid to ship him to Texas so she could try him.

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