I’ve been avoiding this for a while…

But I think it is really time I add the figure 8 back to her bridle. I have known this day was coming for a while, but I have been avoiding it because she had such an averse reaction to it the first time around. The picture above tells me that she is using not having it as a way to avoid. She is going to have to put her big girl panties on and deal with it. I will start it off really loosely and gradually work tighter until it is actually doing its job. She is such a drama queen about somethings so I am sure she will act like I am choking her or something with it. She is so funny about things sometimes!


2 thoughts on “I’ve been avoiding this for a while…

  1. How about instead of the Figure 8 you try a drop noseband or something else. I wouldn’t go to a flash if she hates the Figure 8 – too similar. Her open mouth doesn’t look too bad. Is she chomping the bit or just playing with it?

  2. Hey OTB, I thought I had your email, but I can’t seem to find it!

    Do you mind sending me a note? I want to send you a flyer for an event you may be interested in. We have chatted briefly in the past and compete in (kind of) the same circles.

    I concur with the comment above, my gelding hates flash nosebands and I decided after a few weeks in one, that it was not a battle worth fighting. The drop noseband made a big difference, no more angry head tossing. We are back in a regular nosebands now, but he is completely intolerant of the flash/figure 8.

    Hopefully talk to you soon,

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