I had to take a break


Because my hand literally started to hurt from using the shedding blade so vigorously! Of course every other horse at this barn is shedding out but Lucky!


5 thoughts on “I had to take a break

  1. I hear you, I go out with the shedding blade twice a day and scrape off as much hair as I can while they eat, and it STILL keeps coming!

    I will say if it gets warm enough to bathe again… soak the pony, squirt a glob of baby oil into a bucket of shampoo suds, and scrub with one of those big toothy curry combs before power-rinsing… Made a HUGE mess, but after not being in the barn for three days I got all caught up on shedding. 🙂

  2. LOL I remember those days. One of the funniest was cleaning out the ear hair in my Saddlehorses ears. I used an electric clipper. When he put his head up outta reach, the Eiffle Tower looked small. For some strange reason I had and thought of the racing blinders I had and put them on him. Then, I had to sit on the ground to do his ears. His world had turned upside down. What memories we gain. What treasures!

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