2012 Goals – Revised

So when I did my first set of goals I had thought that this was the last year I had in order to use Heart’s scores for my GMO Bronze medals. When I went to go back and check for what scores I needed I realized that I have until 2013 to complete it while still being able to use her scores. That made me very, very happy and took away any far reaching expectations for this year. That means I can make this year about what it should be about…which is going out and getting experience…lots of it. Next year I will worry about how we actually do, but for this year it is important that we just DO.
So with that in mind below are my 10 new goals for this year.
1) Be independent and go to a show on my own.
I know, I know, I have had this goal before, but this year I am going to do it. Notice that this is goal number 1 because I really want to go and do whatever I want whenever I want without having to worry about anyone else. I bought a trailer and truck years ago so that I could be independent so now it is time to just do it.
2) Show in something else besides dressage.
I am thinking maybe hunters? The local show grounds has an “Evergreen Hunter” division. Most of the classes have canter and there is even an x-rails class. They also host a games day which I think is more my speed, but regardless I must do something else besides dressage at least once…
3) Ride in a hunter pace
Marissa said she and Super Tucker would do one with me and go at a snails pace if that is what Lucky needs in order to make this a good experience. I am so going to take her up on it!
4) Train Gen to be led without a halter
I might make a video now so you can see where we are. He can handle the stand command for a little while, then he just comes over to see me. He also not so consistent with being safely next to me all the time. Sometimes he would rather be on top of me. Not good. In December I will post a real video of Gen getting lead around without a halter.
5) Teach Lucky how to self load in a trailer.
This goes hand and hand with goal number 1. I know she can do it, it will just take practice.
6) Do 10 things this summer.
Last year I tried and failed over and over again. This year I really need to focus on getting her out and about! Doing 10 shows/clinics/events will me more than I normally do which is good. The more we do the better!
7) Go to 5 different show grounds.
With the local show grounds only ¾ of a mile away and a dressage place about 10 minutes away I really have no excuse to go far from home this year since I am not looking for year ends from the big GMOs. That is why I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and try and bring Lucky to new and different places. The more places we go the better she will be whenever we go somewhere new in the future.
8) Qualify for year end awards from…
a)Local Show Grounds
b)Fun Show
The requirements for these are going to the shows (which doesn’t always happen, case and point my 2011 show season). I need to get Lucky out more this year.
9) Qualify for the Local Show Grounds Championship show
This is really easy to do. I just need to get there for one Thursday night show this year. Since I would need to do that anyway to qualify for a year end away this should be an easy goal!
10) Do an open training level class.
I plan on showing Lucky as a starter this year. It is weird to me to do that since she is so old, but she is so green that it really is the right place for her. Since my goal is to gain experience I hope to show a lot. My hope is that by the end of the year I will feel confident enough to enter my Lucky in open training. Yes, I will be going against fancy pants horses, but I am going to do it for 2013 so might as well just try it now.

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