It is always so weird to go the barn when something is different. Today I will be going to the barn and the oldest horse won’t be there anymore. You know what I just realized…Gen is now the 2nd oldest horse! Crazy. Anyway, you always get so used how things are. With a small barn like Gen’s (6 horses) you feel like a family.

Going to the barn and to be missing a horse…it just doesn’t feel right. Seeing his stall empty…that just isn’t how it should be. I am not crazy about change. Even when a horse leaves it is hard. I have a routine when I drive up the barn driveway. I look, in a very specific order, at every horse to make sure they are okay. Now that routine has to change.

Whenever things like this happen it makes me cling on to my horse a little bit harder. Gen will be getting extra hugs, extra kisses tonight. I am sure that he will be upset about his buddy. I know that while tonight will be odd, it will be okay. I can’t imagine what my barnmate must feel when she comes up the driveway (she has a 2nd horse at the barn).


5 thoughts on “Odd

  1. This kind of change is never easy. So sorry he didn’t make it. I hope his person and all his buddies at the barn adjust. So sad, you will all miss him terribly I’m sure.

  2. That’s why I had to move after Spirit died. I was so used to looking at his window whenever I left the house. It was so sad. I got sort of used to it until I moved and then whenever I went back to the house to pick something up I would forget and look at the window again.

  3. but you have to go. The change is hard on Gen too, maybe harder, and he needs you to go. Horses have very passionate emotional lives, they just don’t tell you about it for hours over coffee.

  4. Loss is part of life, and while it’s never easy, it is important to remember that memories will soon replace the heartache.

    A second and very important thing to remember is that we must make every day count. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Extra kisses and attention are ALWAYS appreciated by our animals–and by other humans, too.

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