He didn’t make it :(

He lived 33 wonderful years. My poor barn mate’s heart is broken right now. She had him for 21 years. Gen is going to miss his halter tag playmate. I am going to miss a very sweet little horse.


12 thoughts on “He didn’t make it :(

  1. That is the key–33 wonderful years. A long life, well lived. The best that could be asked for. We have all been there, and it’s very difficult. I know you will be a good friend to his owner.

  2. Such a sad loss for your barn mate and all that cared about this “Grandfather”. (I’m Native and we refer to all things who have resided on the Earth for a long time as a “Grandfather”.) While it may be too soon in the grieving process to be insightful, we must remember that the things that come into our lives, and provide us with so much joy and love… are gifts. What a wonderful gift to have shared a 21 year mutual bond with this sweet horse. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of you for the loss you are feeling. And at the same time, I celebrate and give thanks for the gifts this fella brought into your lives.

  3. Sending sorrys to your barn mate from the bottom of my heart. I know all too well the hurt of losing a special horse. Give Gen a hug from me and know you are thought of by me and Joey.

  4. Just heart breaking, no way around it. Even when they led a long and happy life, it’s just torture letting them go. My deepest sympathies to you, your barnmates, and especially this sweet little horse’s owner.

  5. The loss of a horse is the worst heartbreak of all.

    Horses feel this loss as much as people, if not more.

    The horses left behind need lots of attention to heal their grief.

    Janow’s neighbor and playmate for nearly ten years did not survive the loss and left to join his friend a short time after.

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