Gen still has Kankles


Thank you Kristen for the best word ever to describe what is going on (I am going to ignore the need for calfs to be present in order to use the word)

Gen is still not bothered by it at all so I will give it another day to heal up on its own. If it still is not better tomorrow I will wrap him over night to see if that helps.


4 thoughts on “Gen still has Kankles

  1. My mare’s legs look like that sometimes -puffy, no heat, no reaction to poking or prodding. I was worried until one of the super horse women at my barn looked at it and said “she’s just stocked up. Happens when they get older (Ruza is 17)

  2. looks like what my mare used to get when she wouldn’t get enough movement in winter. try walking him for half hour instead of wrapping…see if the bit of movement helps by the next day…after my mare would workout, her’s would go back down to normal. didn’t bother her at all for any work…. just a suggestion…

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