So I stopped in to see Gen today before heading up to see Lucky. What I found was that all of his legs were a little puffy. The left hind was the worst, hence the photo of that one. As you can see, it is not crazy puffy, just enough for me to wonder about it.

There is no heat and Gen doesn’t seem uncomfortable at all. I did just check for a fever and found none. He was snoozing when I got to the barn, but walked in from the field sound.

I am wondering if he didn’t just play a little to hard this morning in this very sloppy weather.

I was going to cold hose and maybe wrap, but now I don’t think I will do either. Rather, I will just let him be. Maybe his body is just telling me that he needs more attention today 😛


6 thoughts on “Swollen

  1. My guy too has had some issues–an impaction colic January 4 and then lameness a week ago Friday with return visit to the vet after Tildren to the bone and a joint injection. He’s still not “right” but way better than he was. Never depressed, however. He leaves that to me.

    Good luck with Gen and his “puffs.” I bet you’re right–he just overdid it. By Monday he’ll be back to normal. Fingers crossed.

  2. Was he in on Friday when it was raining really hard? Maybe it’s just leftover from the lack of moving like when he’s turned out. It’s better that it’s in both than just one. Keep us posted.

  3. poor Gen! my pony went lame on new years day and his leg was much more swollen than Gens, but with hardly any heat. think it was simply playing too much in the field, or more likely slipped in his stable during the night. either way a few days later it was all better and he was galloping around the field again. hopefully Gen will have the same luck and be all better in a few days x

  4. Oh, I hate lame days or surprise PUFFS! It sounds like he’ll be just fine. A good Epsom salt soak always does wonders for Laz is he has kankles. 😉 He gets them from when he chooses to not move as much (ie if it’s raining, then the Prince stands in one of the open stalls, lol). Hugs to Gen!

  5. I know you’re a long way away from me, but here in BC there’s been a virus going around that causes swelling in the legs and clear discharge from the nostrils, as well as a decreased appetite, but it lasts only 24-48 hours before going away as suddenly as it showed up.

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