Guess what this weekend is????

If you guessed that it was six weeks from Lucky’s tendonitis flair up you would be correct!!!!!

That means that I get to start riding and rehabbing her! YAY! I am so excited. Lucky’s Owner generously offered to let me ride some of the other horses at the barn while she was hurt, but for some reason I could never get my act together enough to take her up on it (I went away for the holidays and stuff like that). That means that my pretty girl and I both have been out of the tack for 6 weeks so it should be interesting to see how she does.

She has been totally sound since the start of the month, but I had enough self control not to push it. If I don’t let this heal correctly that means that I am setting Lucky up for more flair-ups in the future which is not something I want to do.

So that means my first weekend back will be filled with the ever exciting ride goal of walking…for a whole 10 minutes. Exciting I know.

Honestly though, this might just be the perfect way to start the year out. Going back to basics and taking things slow might be just what Lucky needs right now.

I can’t wait to ride!!!!


3 thoughts on “Guess what this weekend is????

  1. Yay! An the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend (other than today – although even this afternoon after 3pm it’s supposed to dry up, in case you were wondering). Have a great ride!

  2. I went through this with a horse a few years ago. Like you, I took it slow and followed the rehab schedule to the dime. It pays off. At least you can ride again — that’s a big corner to turn. Hand walking was such a pain! (at least for me, I had a very willful beast on my hands)

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