Give Away Time!

So this year as a Christmas gift I made a calendar for my friends and family. It was a big hit. So much so that people kept telling me to bring a few to the local tack store to sell. I was very flattered every time people said that, but I had only ordered just enough so I had none to spare…or so I thought. When it snowed on Saturday I went to get a scarf and something fell on my head…a wrapped calendar! There was no tag on it and after several days of racking my brain to figure out who I had intended to give it to I decided to just do it as a blog giveaway! I know…I know…A calendar at the end of January is not as fun as one prior to the start of the year, but trust me when I tell you Gen is still plenty adorable for the next 11 months! How cute is the calendar? Below is the cover shot…

I know…you all want it now because it is hysterical and adorable all at the same time. So let me tell you how to win it for yourself!

The guidelines are simple. All entries must be in by noon EST on Thursday. To enter you just need to answer the questions below in the comment section. All of the answers can be found in my blog if you know where to look…long time readers might remember some of the answers. If you don’t know an answer to one of the questions you can just guess, it might be good for a laugh. The person with the most correct answers wins. If there are multiple people who are tied I will do a random draw. Oh, and I wouldn’t just trust that the people before me got it right because some of these questions have multiple answers. Good Luck!


1) Name three things that Gen dislikes (this should be easy because I can name about 100 things :P)

2) Which leg did Gen hurt back in 2007 causing his retirement?

3) Name the brands of two dressage saddles that I currently own.

4) What place did X (Lexi) and I come in at Championships?

5) How old was Phoenix when I started riding him?

6) Name one horsey halloween costume that I have done (can be just horse or horse and rider)

7) How many ribbons have I earned since I started this blog (and no, not enough is not an answer…even though it is true :P)

8) Name a rider/trainer/horse person that I have said that I admire.

9) Which horse did I try to show at a hunter show?

10) What is Gen’s most favorite treat ever?


2 thoughts on “Give Away Time!

  1. I won’t play because I already have a calendar, but I will say that this is definitely a contest worth playing! I see mine every day because it’s up on our fridge, and it makes me laugh every time. Can’t wait for February…. 🙂

  2. Oh what fun! I know some of these, but would have to go digging for others. Let’s see how many I can remember or find in the next 2 minutes ….

    1. Baths (duh!), Being neglected (IE when mom misses a day), Farriers, Hot weather (do we get bonus points for extra answers?)
    2. Front left
    3. Wintec, Schleese
    4. 4th (pretty white ribbon)
    5. 4 yo
    6. Pirate Gennyral
    7. My current count is up to about 51 (36 with Phoenix, 5 with Lucky, 7 with Lexi, and 3 that I know of from the in-hand show)
    8. Courtney King-Dye
    9. Phoenix
    10. Pears!

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