NO WAY!!!!!!

So I have bitched and moaned for a while now about how unhappy I was with my 2011 show season. I was complaining that I didn’t even get a year end award…this is the first time that has happened since 2005 (I am very, very immature about showing and very, very obsessed with ribbons…please forgive me my faults). I was bummed because that was one of my long term goals, to get year end awards for many years consecutively (I think it was 5 years in a row??). I had come close with the fun show stuff, but you needed to go to two shows and I only went to one. I tired to go to another show but bad weather canceled it twice.

So being bored I was surfing the net and I went to the fun show’s website and guess what????

THEY STILL HAD YEAR END AWARDS!!! I was like, “what? I can’t imagine that many people were able to qualify” but then I saw this…


and I was like…what??? Really??? And then they said that because so many people were now eligible they would place through 10th.

So I took a deep breath and scrolled down the page to see if by some chance I had managed to get in the top 10.

And guess what? Lucky and I did!!!!!

I can’t believe that my pretty girl won a year end award! I know it is only because they dropped their standards, but I don’t care. We ended up with 4th place for the in hand division!!! How cool is that? And we only did one show so clearly we did something right (lots of people who placed lower and did both shows). I can’t believe it. I am so happy right now! I love ribbons 😛


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