2012 Goals

This is a very, very rough draft. I am proud of myself for even putting it out there this early in the year though. I mean…I was on it by January 1st (I posted it at the top of my blog)!! I think I will put out a final one out much later in the year, but these are my plans for next year…

1)Earn my bronze medals
a) Earn my bronze medal from ES
-I need one T-3 Score over 60%
b) Earn my bronze medal from EC
-I need one T-3 score over 60% and 3 other training level scores over 60%
c) Earn my bronze medal from the local show grounds
– Only need one T-3 Score over 58%
It has seriously been FOREVER that I have been trying to earn my GMO bronze medals. As you can see, it is not that hard. I just can never seem to get my act together. Most people can earn their GMO bronze medals in a singe year…It was been 9 years now. The reason it is so important to me to do it this year is because I want to be able to use Heart’s and Gen’s scores. Heart passed away and Gen is retired so if I don’t do it this year I am going to be really sad.

2) Show in the “Evergreen Hunter” class at the local show grounds hunter show
My moto for Lucky this year is show often. I think that doing the green class in the hunter shows is the perfect way to do that. They run once a month and we will only do them until she feels comfortable going out and about. With it being right down the road and I think $10 a class for members it is the perfect way to show in a no pressure (I know I am not a hunter and neither is she) chaotic environment and get lots of experience.

3) Ride in a hunter pace
I live in an area where hunter paces abound. I have a horse that loves to be out and about. I need to do this! Blogging and real life buddies…If you are going to do a hunter pace let me know…Lucky and I would love to join you!

4) Train Gen to be led without a halter
Yes, my poor neglected Gen finally gets a goal all to his own. I know my horse does’t need me to lead him around. When he is in a good mood and all lovie he follows me around all day. The issue is that when he is bad, he is bad. I have started to do this sort of thing and then given up when Gen has a bad day. I don’t want to give up this year. I want to have a horse that is completely confirmed at just hand signals. I want you all to hold me accountable so I am promising a video of Gen going around like a good boy sans halter and lead rope.

5) Teach Lucky how to self load in a trailer
It hit me last year like a ton of bricks that if I want to show, which I do, I need to be able to do it all. I think this spring I will take some time to work on loading Lucky alone. By the end of the fall she was a total superstar and loaded no problem…now I just need to not feel like I need a second person there…

6) Teach Lucky how to counter canter
This is a huge reach goal for this year. Poor Lucky has no idea how to use her body correctly. Her canter is rough right now so even thinking of doing a counter canter where the horse needs to be balanced, supple and strong is kind of crazy. A girl can dream though right???

7) Do a class with jumps
I am thinking that the easiest way to complete this goal is to do the cross rail class at the hunter show. That being said the only two times I tried to put Lucky over cross rails she bolted with me…so maybe we will try a jumper show instead??? I haven’t jumped very much at all in the past 8 years so this goal is also kind of reach. The blind leading the blind so to speak. Maybe I will try to get Tucker’s Mommy to come out and help us once Lucky is all healed…

8) Qualify for year end awards from…
c)Local Show Grounds
d)Fun Show
Notice that I did not say that I need to earn the awards to accomplish this goal. If we do go out training level, which is what I want to do, then the chance of us winning anything is slim to none. When you have adult amateurs with $50,000 warmbloods paying $20,000 a year for training competing against you the reality is that you shouldn’t be winning. I just want to do enough of the right kind of shows just in case a miracle happens and we do well enough to get 6th place or something.

9) Qualify for the EC Championship show.
If I did any championship show it would be this one. And I just need a score at T-2 or T-2 above a 60% so it is also the easiest one to qualify for.

10) TBD???


3 thoughts on “2012 Goals

  1. I don’t want you to be dissapointed this year but some of your goals seem very ambitious. Having Lucky jump at a show? Maybe tone it down to jumping crossrails nicely at home. Counter canter is not easy – do you ride her in counter bend at the walk and trot now? Maybe start there. And a hunter pace? Those things are nuts! You can really freak a horse out if you take her to something she can’t handle and you might never get her back – I speak from experience here. I took my TB to the Turkey Trot – he was terrified of the carts and even when we got back home, he was never the same horse.
    I’m just saying because every year you set goals and every goal that you don’t meet you beat yourself up about it. Set yourself up for success and then when you exceed that goal, you’ll feel great.

  2. Goals are a good thing, but I agree with tryingtoride: It’s easy to overface YOURSELF with too many ambitious plans and what is really a very narrow timeline. I think as a long range set of goals, your list is GREAT, but I’d re-prioritize them so you start out with baby steps. Once you’ve achieved those, you can work on some of the more complicated ones.

  3. An idea to help you get to cross rails at a local hunter show… Show’s usually set up the jumps the day before or sometimes leave them up if it is a frequent show. Ask if you can go there to school the day before or another day when the show is not happening. You can get both of you comfortable without the extra distractions.
    Remember you are doing it for the experience, not to win. So if something goes awry and you need to circle, or pull her up mid course, go ahead and do it. You wont get a ribbon (sorry about that), but you will leave your horse with a better experience and be able to come back the next time with a better horse and get a ribbon!

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