Gen doesn’t seem to be too fussed about wearing a blanket. I think he knows it is temporary. Had I known a bath would make him cold I would have lived with a dirty horse.


4 thoughts on “Blanket

  1. I feel your pain with the blanket vs no blanket. I moved from northern Michigan (“tip of the mitt” as we call the area) where my barn was heated and just about EVERY barn has an indoor ring. We obviously blanketed our horses.

    Then I moved to warmer climates – to the horse capital of the U.S. Lexington, KY. I was told to put my blankets away, let their hair grow, don’t bathe them, let them get dirty. It’s what mother nature intended.

    I had serious troubles sleeping on cold blustery nights worrying about my guys. That was last winter. This winter I am much more confident that my horses are happy and healthy. No more blanket rubs, ripped blankets, etc.

    The key for me is to be diligent on checking their skin for signs of rain rot starting so I can treat it right away, fluff their hair with a hair brush to help ventilation and to knock off the dried mud. My gray horse is a total mud monger like Gen.

    My 21 yr old gets a good high calorie meal (rice bran and cocosoya oil do wonders!) and on cold days we give all the horses alfalfa hay. I keep a good watch on my old guy because he will get colder easier than the other horses.

    The thing to watch for is a horse getting wet and the temps start to drop. Wet and cold with wind is a problem. We will bring in our horses to their stalls when this happens. Otherwise they are out 24/7. The reason is that they can move around to warm up much easier when they are outside than when they are in their 12×12 stalls.

    It was a huge learning curve for me! Last winter I was a headcase about it but after seeing how healthy and happy they were/are I don’t worry about it so much anymore. It seems the long hair is more of an inconvenience for me, especially if I want to ride and they get sweaty. It takes forever to dry them out… Then there is the shedding in springtime… YIKES! But my horses are happy and healthy and I try my best to do what’s best for them. It’s never easy!! But I try…

    ps – sorry for the long post. I totally sympathize with you!

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