Rose Parade!!!

So I have mentioned before that I am total dork about parades. I LOVE them. And one of my favorites is going on today. While I was upset that it was not on January 1st like normal, the Rose Bowl Parade is going on today! I feel like it is starting later than normal (11am east coast time) but that could just be because I am not normally home yet so I am used to it being on west coast time.

I got lucky and remembered to set my DVR for the 2011 Equestfest on RFDTV on the 31st and got to watch the horsey acts for the parade show off in the arena.

The reason the Rose Bowl Parade is one of my favorites is because it is one of the most horsey parades around. It was started back in the 1800s by the local hunt club and unlike so many parades it has not lost its horsey roots.

I am hoping that the coverage of it shows off all of the equestrian groups, some years they just focus on the floats and forget the majesty of a group of horses coming down the road in perfect sync.

If you are lucky like me and have the day off of work I suggest you watch the parade and enjoy some horsey time from the comfort of you own couch.

Happy New year!!!


2 thoughts on “Rose Parade!!!

  1. I love that parade but I haven’t been able to see it for years. I love HGTV’s coverage because it is no commercials and the hosts are knowledgeable about the plants. They don’t know much about horses though.

  2. I think the horse parade is a great way for people to understand equestrian riding and there are not enough of these around. I would love to go to one.

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