2011 a look back

So 2011 was not exactly the horsey year of my dreams. In fact, it was my horse showing year since Gen got hurt in 2007. Wait…I just checked and I actually showed MORE the year that Gen was hurt. This year sucked for showing!

It started off with me riding The SchoolMaster. I had a mental breakdown about it and felt completely over mounted…even though all evidence including video and eye witness accounts says that I wasn’t. It wasn’t fun, but it was cool to ride a fancy pants horse for a little while. Then I found my Lucky Lady and riding became fun again. Even though the summer show season was a total FAIL I wouldn’t call it a total wash. Sure, this is not at all how I imagined how this year would go, but I think I am heading off in a new direction.

I know that Lucky is injured right now so I won’t be starting 2012 off the way that I want, but at least I am riding a horse that I like right now. So without further ado here are my 2011 goals that I wrote last year with explanations as to why they didn’t pan out…

2011 Goals

1) Get my sitting trot to be “show worthy” – I actually do work on my sitting trot with Lucky. I am no where near enhancing the gait yet though so it is a long way off from show worthy.

2) Learn to feel that haunches in and do it without needing to look in the mirror. – Since I ride in an outdoor now without anything I can’t look in a mirror. I still struggle with the haunches in, but I do think it is much better than this time last year…at least at the walk…

3) Work on my flying changes. I want to be able to do four 5 tempis by the end of the year and have them all be clean and straight. – Yeah no…this is a totally failed goal. Lucky and I are still struggling with her canter in general and getting it to be 3 beats and CLEAN. Changes are a long way off.

4) Lease the Schoolmaster again. – Fail

5) Learn how to show a horse in hand. – hmmm…I don’t think I can call this goal completed because I would get killed if I did an AQHA class in hand, but I did improve a lot to the point where I placed well at the fun show earlier in the summer.

6) Figure out if I really want a second horse. – The goal is completed. The answer is no. I bought a house instead so I am not that sad about this goal.

7) Try and find a more affordable retirement barn for Gen (under $400 a month) – Failed this goal as well. I did find a really nice barn for $450 down the road from where Gen lives now so at least I have a back up plan now (hopefully I won’t need it)

8)Show at the fun shows again. – YAY! A Goal I completed! It was only in hand stuff though, but at least I went with Lucky.

9) Get more involved in the horse community. – I did this also. I joined the youth committee of my local GMO. I don’t think I will do it again next year.

10) Take a lesson in two different disciplines besides dressage. – I have no excuse for this one. I have hardly been taking lessons at all this year in general so learning new things clearly just slipped my mind. Maybe I should cary this goal over to next year?


2 thoughts on “2011 a look back

  1. I’m also looking forward to 2012. I took one lesson this year–about two months ago. It was actually quite good–we had many good moments and my horse had two sweaty spots on either side of his neck in front of the withers at the end, which means I was doing SOMETHING right ;o) I’m taking him for a saddle fitting next Thursday, and with a saddle that puts me in the right place and actually fits ME as well as the horse, I’m sure we’re going to go further, faster. Would be nice to make it to First Level ;o) Good luck with your 2012 riding goals (and with your house!)

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