So the vet came out today and we have a diagnosis. Lucky has tendinitis. It is in her right front by her knee. I don’t know the name if the tendon. The good news is that it is very treatable. The bad news it that one of treatments is time. Lucky gets 6 weeks off. That means no riding until Feb 1st. She is also getting confined to the small paddock (she can’t be stalled. Well, I suppose she could be, there just wouldn’t be a stall left) and will be getting cold hosed and buted. All in all there are worse things in the world.

Plus, with no lights or indoor it Is not like this is the most productive time of year anyway.


4 thoughts on “Prognosis

  1. Glad you have a diagnosis that, while inconvenient, is not “the end of the world.” As you say, two months during this time of year, is certainly more preferable. Catch up on your magazine reading, DVD watching, make your riding plan, etc. Time will fly.

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