Technology is amazing!

So the picture I posted yesterday was from my cell phone. I texted it to Lucky’s owner who went and sent it to the vet asking for his thoughts. Based on the picture he came up with two possibilities…

1) Tinosynovitis which requires no real treatment and will heal with time


2) Carpal Synovitis which sounds scary

Obviously these are not real diagnoses…just his educated guess based on pictures. Needless to say I am hoping for option number one. I am just going to keep cold hosing for her now and will see how she does and what her owners wants to do. I, of course, am desperate for the vet to come out and see her. Her owner on the other hand is a bit more pragmatic and wants to wait and see how she is after the weekend before the vet comes out. I would give be a 4 out of 10 on lameness as of yesterday so it is not an emergency situation at all. I will let you know more as I figure it out…


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