I never thought I would see the day

That Isabell Werth would wear a helmet!!!


4 thoughts on “I never thought I would see the day

  1. I find much irony in the fact that everyone shunned helmets because of “tradition,” but now that they’re becoming de rigueur, people insist on wearing the ugliest, shiniest ones they can find!

    I’m very glad more people are just wearing safe headwear… But where’s the little LOL icon when you need it! 😛

  2. Sort of puts new meaning to “DQ,” doesn’t it? Seriously, I applaud the willingness of the FEI dressage riders to see the need for head protection, but her choice of that gold helmet is not flattering (to her even though she tries to tie it together with the gold collar or to the helmet movement), imho. And her rather pompous statement sort of puts the cherry on top, so to speak.

    I am not a Isabell Werth fan (bet you couldn’t tell ;o), but as I said, I’m glad she is championing the wearing of helmets.

    Also, I bet that gold thing is one of her riding apparel line’s latest models. (meow)

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