Lucky’s Luck Strikes Again

I got a text last night that Lucky has a swollen knee. no idea how she did it. Her owner said that it was looking better after cold hosing though so hopefully it is nothing too serious. I am going to run up to the barn after work today and see for myself how it looks. I haven’t canceled my lesson on Saturday yet…but if it is at all swollen today I am going to have to pull the plug. I think I jinxed it myself though. I was just telling someone that I had been riding her for 6 months now and she hasn’t hurt herself once (very different from my Mexican General). I should have known better!


One thought on “Lucky’s Luck Strikes Again

  1. I know what you mean about jinxing things. I knock wood a lot (usually tapping my head ;o) Hope Lucky’s knee issue IS nothing–let’s hope the swelling looks a lot worse than whatever caused it, no damage done, tincture of time and all that.

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