The King

So I know I have been too busy to post a lot lately, but that doesn’t mean that I have been neglecting my Gen. I just wanted to share that I have now found the perfect time to go and see my Gen everyday. This time of year they bring the horses in at 5pm. His Royal Poniness has decided that normal bring in time is for lesser horses. He wants to come in 10 minutes before everyone else.

How did I find this out? Trial and error. Normally I don’t get to the barn until after the ponies are in. By the time I get there Gen has had his supper and is working on his hay. He isn’t in the mood for his Mommy at that time and normally just ignores me.

Then this weekend I got to the barn at 3:30ish. I would play with him for almost an hour and turn him back out. He was much happier to see me at that time, but when I would put him in the field for the last half hour of his turnout he would find the muddy spot and promptly roll. That makes me not in the mood to play with him.

So today I got to the barn at 4:50 and it was perfect. I brought Gen in and got to grooming him while the other horses were still outside. While he was happily getting groomed the other horses came in. Gen was feeling very smug as the first horse in the barn, and I was very happy to put a clean horse in to a clean stall. A win/win for all. Now I just need to figure out how to get to the barn at 4:50 everyday!


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