I need…

a 26 hour day. And I don’t even have kids! I don’t know how you all do it! I have not ridden in WEEKS because I have been so busy (and hurt…I sprained my ankle…it is almost all better now thankfully). I want to ride!!!!


5 thoughts on “I need…

  1. Ugh, ankle sprains are the worst! I re-sprained my right ankle in June, after spraining it twice back in my high school years. This was the worst one yet, and on top of the existing scar tissue took nearly 4 months to completely heal. I just went ahead and rode without stirrups for a month, and then with long dressage stirrups after that. Of course, about the time my ankle was fine for riding again and I could start doing some more stressful things like jumping again, I went and got myself pregnant. 😉

    Even if you can only squeeze in a quick 20 minute ride, do it in honor of me! I’m going on 6 weeks and counting out of the saddle and am about ready to explode. You’ll feel better for finding time even for a short ride – even if you just get on and walk for a bit and do suppling exercises.

  2. I hope your ankle gets better soon!

    I too would love a 26 hour day, and a free baby sitter available 24/7. My poor mare hasn’t been worked in a long time and she is too easy of a keeper. Her rolls have rolls and her flanks are non-existent.

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