2011 Gift Giving Guide – Great Gift Idea’s For Horse Lovers!

Under 10

Hidalgo $5

This is one of my favorite horsey movies of the past 10 years and for only $5 it is sure to be enjoyed. Add another favorite like Black Beauty and for only $10 you are giving hours of enjoyment.

Hairnets $2.50 Anyone that shows English knows that a hairnet is a must have item. They also know that hairnets are the first thing you loose at a show so they are always in need. This is a very affordable way to get a little something for everyone in your barn that shows some thought (you need to match hair color).

Horse Treats $9.95 This 5lb bag of horse treats is a sure to be a hit. Well, unless your horse is Gennyral (but considering my horse is abnormally picky I am confident that this will go over well). Plus a 5 lb bag of treats is sure to be the gift that keeps on giving for many months.

Horse Teats for Picky Ponies $7.95 This 5lb bag in Carrot and Spice is Gennyral approved. Want to go really overboard? Buy 1lb bags in each flavor to make a cute gift basket.

Under 20

Passier Saddle Soap. $15.95 I know, I know…not the most exciting gift. Not only that, but it is pretty pricey for saddle soap. That is what makes it such a great gift. Just wrap it up in some cute paper and include some colorful little sponges and you have a cute gift for under $20. Not only that, but not many people will spend this much on saddle soap so you are sure to get them something they don’t have. What makes this so special? Every saddle maker and fitter I have every asked about saddle soap has recommended this one. Literally. A dozen very opinionated people all can agree that this is the best.

Holiday Treat Jar This air tight sealed jar is under $15 and can be personalized with two lines of text. You can put the farm name or the horses name and fill it with mini carrots or horsey cookies and you have a very customized and posh gift for under $20. Just google for a coupon and you can even get an extra 25% off this already affordable present.

Peppermint Plops $18.95 these fancy treats are not the kind of thing that most people would buy themselves, but will LOVE to give to their favorite horse. They come in a nice container and are a good size for people to share with their barn friends.

Reflective Vest $17.95. So this isn’t the coolest gift on the list, but if you love a horse person who loves to trail ride it is a good thing to give. The roads by where Gen lives are always filled with horses and it can be dangerous. Often at dusk or during hunting season it can be hard to spot a horse and rider so this uncool gift can really help out from a safety perspective.

Under 35

All Purpose Saddle Pads. $27.95 Know someone that events? Well I have the perfect gift for them. These saddle pads come in a HUGE array of colors and at the affordable price of under $30 you can get them one in each color (for example Sea Blue with Navy piping and also Navy with Sea Blue piping.

Stirrup Napkin Rings $33.95 These are adorable and a great gift for the english rider who has everything. They add the perfect horsey flair to any dinner party without being over the top.

Polo Wraps $23.99 These are not your average polo wraps, they are much more fun! What horse wouldn’t want to show off pink cheetah polos as they strutted around the ring? You can stay semi classic and go with the black and white checker flag pattern. Get a different style for everyone at the barn and you will have a great gift that will get everyone talking.

Under 50

Crystal Stock Pin. $39.95 Okay, I admit it. I want this myself! These new style stock pins are just becoming popular so you would be on the cutting edge of dressage fashion. You can also pick a color that will match the horses browband to make an outfit out of it. This is the kind of gift that is adorable and practical all at the same time.

Polar Fleece Dress Sheet $36.95 This is a bargin! I ordered this same fancy dress sheet a few years back for Phoenix (TM has since inherited it) and it looks like a very expensive dress sheet, but it is not. It even has front buckets, a tail cord and a surcingle so you know it is safe to leave on in the stall or on the trailer. It comes in 4 colors and I am sure that it is a gift that will please any horse owner.

Cotton and Leather Personalized Halter. $49.99 I want this for Gen. It is a horse sized halter that you can get in colors like black, burgundy, blue and more. You can get your horses name embroidered on the noseband so it will never get lost or borrowed again. This halter is nice enough that it can even be used as a show halter. The best part is that it has leather so it is breakaway making it a great safety pick.

Under 75

Crystal Color Padded Brow bands $61.95 I love these brow bands because they have matching padding! Not only that, but compared to similar brow bands they are about $40 cheaper. This is a total luxury item and I know from personal experience that they are adorable! The SchoolMaster had one in orange and it looked like flames in the light and got many complements! Your horse lover not a dressage rider? If you call you can get them special ordered in brown! This is the perfect gift for the rider who has everything.

Dressage Saddle Pad. $59.95 I know I put saddle pads on this list every year, but they really are a splurge item and a necessity all at the same time. I chose this saddle pad because the white one can be used as a show pad with a little flair. I literally have this on my own wish list! It is still black/white/gray keeping with strict dressage standards, but a beautiful roping detail and a double edging make this something special.

Under 100

Kerrits Knickers $88.95 I try to stay away from gifts that require sizes, but I just think these are so cool! I know that knickers went out of style like 200 years ago, but check these out. They are full seat and they can snap over your other clothes. Not only that by they are waterproof. I am thinking of how great it would be to go to the barn in shorts in the summer and just snap these on before I put my half chaps on instead of spending the day in long pants. Or on those rainy days when you want to ride but you know you will freeze.


3 thoughts on “2011 Gift Giving Guide – Great Gift Idea’s For Horse Lovers!

  1. All great ideas, and thanks for some of the more unusual ones (the stirrup napkin rings and the knickers, to name but two). Our dressage chapter newsletter editor is asking for what your horse wants for Christmas and the best/worst gift you’ve ever received for your horse (one member got a wheelbarrow tire). Speaking personally here, since the wheelbarrow cannot operate without a tire and when you need one, you NEED one, I can’t see anything “worst” about that kind of gift. But that’s just me.

    My horse enjoys apples, pears and carrots, so he’ll have a “basket” similar to Gen’s Thanksgiving cornucopia. He also likes different types of horse cookies as well, so a jar or two of “something” will be part of his bounty this year.

  2. lots of great gift ideas! I really want a bling browband, but I’m just not ready to put out the cash for one yet! And I need a brown one, since I use a dressage bridle…

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