My 2011 Show Year Wrap-Up

I am not happy AT ALL with how my 2011 show season went. I rode in 1 show, and only ended up even going to 2. I only earned 5 ribbons, two 4ths, a 3rd, a 2nd and a 1st. I tired though. I really did. I mean, look at my show season…

Started working with TM in May

June 25th – We showed In Hand at the fun show.

July 23rd – We were entered for a dressage show, but I decided to scratch after many days of record heat with the light time lows still staying in the 80s. I didn’t want to kill TM. I had planned on going but when I went to get my trailer all of the horses were clearly showing signs of dehydration so it wasn’t worth it. So that was one show I had prepared for and even woke up early for but did not attend.

August 6th – Entered for a dressage show and even had the Young Rider going with me. This time I actually was on my way to the show before I had to scratch. I had a MAJOR TIRE BLOWOUT on the highway going 70+Mph.

October 1st – Wanted to go to the Fun Show. Got all ready to go to the show including finishing up my Halloween costume only to get a text at 5:30 am saying that they were postponing the show to a later date.

October 22nd – The dressage show at the local show grounds. Our only riding show this year.

October 29th – Entered for the DCF show, and even got the horse ready and had my trainer at the barn before it SNOWED.

I give up. I tried to go to 6 shows this year but because of circumstances beyond my control we only got to 2 of them. .3333 is not a good show percentage record!


7 thoughts on “My 2011 Show Year Wrap-Up

  1. As you said….it was due to CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND YOUR CONTROL, so don’t worry about it. You got some ribbons – and good ones too. For a horse you just started riding in May, that’s pretty good. When I got PJ in March, I didn’t even try to go to a show until October.

  2. Well, you can’t really blame yourself for that. Unless it secretly was your fault it snowed… If it was, TELL ME HOW YOU DO IT! I digress (apparently sugar, caffine, and Kate don’t mix well) Perhaps some winter schooling shows will do the trick?

  3. HA! Just saw this: a flash mob at the NE Eq Championships:

    Don’t worry about your lack of showing this year- she’s a new-to-you horse, and you didn’t even to expect to do ANY showing. I think you did pretty well considering how little time you had to prepare a relatively green horse. Plus- 3 times you had to cancel due to no fault of your own. Now you have the winter to gain more experience with TM and get ready for next year!

  4. I wouldn’t worry about it too much! You tried your best and that is what matters. Showing is not the “be all, end all” and deep down I know you know that. 😉

    BTW, I still want to know what happened at the dressage show! You never finished that story!!! HINT, HINT!! 🙂

  5. I think this was a “bad year” for everyone…I don’t even show and I know it was a bad year for us…we didn’t get in as many trail rides, fun shows and competitive trail rides this year due to weather and “other” issues…your not alone,,,, I’m hoping this winter “it” will calm down and we can at least get wintery trail rides in without the ice, and team penning is limited around here and prices have gone up dramatically :(……

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