So how was Devon?

I just got reminded that I never posted on Devon, and there was a reason for that. I am sad to say that the one word I would use to describe Devon is…disappointing. Don’t worry, I had fun anyway. I went with the people from Gen’s barn and a good time was had by all. So why disappointing?

For starters the shopping SUCKED. One of my favorite things about Devon is normally the shopping. From boutiques with exclusive high end products to tack stores with bins of items for $10 or less there is always something for every person and every budget. Or I should say that there used to be because I didn’t find anything good. I can’t believe I am typing this, but I didn’t BUY A SINGLE ITEM. Seriously. I, the shopping queen came home EMPTY HANDED from Devon. Out of all of the people I went with only one person bought something, a pair of earrings. That was it!

The Grand Prix class was also a let down. When I first started going to Devon I remember sitting in awe of the inspiring rides. I don’t know if I am just getting better as a rider myself so I am noticing more, or if Devon just isn’t having the same draw on top riders. It isn’t like there wasn’t good rides. It is more the fact that many people are riding in the Dixon Oval on Saturday night having BAD rides. If one person doesn’t have a real passage that would be one thing, but to watch several horse and riders not be able to complete many of the movements, well, it was just disappointing.

I know that Devon is not the Olympics. I get that. But Devon used to leave me stary eyed for days. This year I didn’t even get to the parking lot before I was back in reality. I still loved that I got to cheer on riders who are rising stars. I mean, how can you not help but cheer extra loud or tear up when you can tell how much it means to them?

I am hoping that it is just a down year, or should we say a down two years, I heard that 2010 Devon was disappointing also. Hopefully next year will be better. I would hate to see this amazing show turn in to just another CDI.

I had even brought a backpack expecting such good deals. I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed overall. I mean, some strangers were also standing their complaining about the shopping and riding by the arena. I saw very few shopping bags walking out of Devon. In fact, the tack store that seemed to be doing the best at Devon was the one that is located right near me anyway.


3 thoughts on “So how was Devon?

  1. I have to admit that Devon this year was not what it was several years ago. The shopping was DEFINITELY lacking in the deal department. However, I did buy stuff, unlike previous years. I think part of the reason the rides weren’t so great was that the Pan Am games were only a week or so after Devon. A lot of the good riders who often attend Devon didn’t because they were going to the Pan Am games, and then if they don’t go, the next tier down often doesn’t go. I went on Sunday when the weather was especially crappy (and it was also the last day), which may also have contributed to lack of spectators. Show attendance across the board is down due to the economy. Hopefully, Devon will pick up because it is still my long-term goal to show there.

  2. I know this sounds really spoiled, but I was disappointed in the shopping at WEG last year. How bad is that? At least the rides were great.

    When are we going to get the post on TM’s test? I hope it went fine.

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