You always have to be careful…

So today I almost got my block knocked off. For those of you who were not children of the 80s, that means that I almost got my head knocked off. How?

Well it wasn’t Gen (who already rolled today mind you). It wasn’t even TM. Nope, it was TM’s bff and pasture mate. You know, the horse that BROKE MY FINGER a few years ago? Yeah, I still don’t like him.

So today I didn’t get of work until it was nearly dark so I knew I wouldn’t get to ride. I am trying to be better about getting out to see TM during the week though so I figured I would head out and at least groom her.

I got to the barn right at dinner time so I figured I would help out. I went out to check water while the grain was getting mixed and I found TM and her bff were acting stupid. They got out last night so I thinking they were thinking that they were all that. They were trying to charge me, kicking at me, and just running around like idiots.

I went in the field to check waters though anyway because a little bad behavior isn’t going to scare me away. I made them both stay back and keep a safe distance, which they did, even if they did it begrudgingly. I had just finished up and had turned around to start walking to gate and that is when it happened…

In just a matter of seconds TM’s bff came charging at me and this time I didn’t have a fence between us. I waved my arms and yelled, trying to be as scary as possible. Luckily it worked enough and he changed course running right next to me. And that is when it happened. He picked up his back legs and kicked out at me. He was literally not even two inches away from nailing me in the temple.

My ridding buddy had come over and she yelled, I just leaned back and prayed. I turned to face him and chased him off again keeping my back to the gate until I could get out.

Thankfully, nothing actually happened except a good scare. It was a good reminder though to never to turn your back on a horse that you don’t trust. And I really don’t trust TM’s bff at all at this point…


7 thoughts on “You always have to be careful…

  1. 😦 Out of my (now) 5 horses, I only trust one enough to turn my back. Why? Because I know Casey well, through and through. My mare, Molly, will do things like stir up trouble with the others when my back is turned. The others are still new to me, and therefore still earning my trust. I don’t like my bubble invaded, and until I know that they won’t invade it, I simply don’t trust them.

  2. I was kicked.
    In the chest.
    I had a heart attack.
    I should have died.

    WHY o WHY were you anywhere NEAR them acting a fool without a longe whip in your hand ?

    Has NOBODY that reads my blog learned from what I went through?!?!

  3. Oh my goodness Jennifer…that is so scary!!! I know I am really behind in reading my friends blogs…but yikes…I can’t believe I missed that. I am glad you are okay! And lesson learned!

  4. i take my buggy with me if he’s being particularly….waz….not quite as awkward and long as a lunge, not short as a crop and makes him remember that i am “bigger” than him…but i do really trust my boy. Just sometimes my 15 year old enjoys his…2 year old moments…

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