The real last bath of the year

It was in the upper 60s today, which is really warm here for this time of year so I did what any grey horse owner would do and rushed to the barn after work.

Is it just because I own a grey that I get so excited to give a bath or is that a normal horse owner thing?

I know it is silly to get excited because Gen is just going to roll first thing in the morning, but at least he is clean for now.

I haven’t been able to give him a bath since that one day he turned himself brown so you should have seen the dirty water running off of him. It was just a solid stream of brown icky water!!

At least he now has a clean base to get dirty all winter…how am I going to make it 5 months without a bath and no blanket?? Did I mention I hate having a dirty horse???


5 thoughts on “The real last bath of the year

  1. going to give Daemon a bath tomorrow so hes sparkly clean for a little dressage competition on sunday…unless he rolls in pee again between bath time and competition time. the joys of horse ownership x

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