That was Gennyral’s Bridle!!!!

So I know I never finished the show post, but I had a break though on Wednesday that I wanted to write about. My confidence on the horse has not been the same since I rode the SchoolMaster last year. I think I just got it back though. Riding TM has been great for me. She really is the confidence boosting horse that I need right now. I want a horse that I can mess around on, do some dressage, jump some cross rails, go on a trail ride, etc. TM has been that horse. I tried not to get too attached, but it is really hard because she is such a sweet girl.

So the Friday before the show she was horrific, and it scared me. I rode at the show which I will tell you all about eventually I swear. On the Sunday I had a really nice ride. Well I went back on Wednesday and gave TM a bath in the 60 degree weather and she was still a total jerk after the bath. How bad was she?

I was bridling her so I had the reins over her head and had just dropped the cross ties when…she tried to bolt.

It was a full force run away. I hung on for about 5 feet getting pulled when she pulled the ultimate bitchy mare move of kicking out at me.  Bad pony. I let go and started to cry. What was I so upset about? TM had Gennyral’s bridle on, or at least the reins were on, the bridle was dragging on the ground and she was stepping on it. That was Gen’s, it was a hard decision to use it in the first place to see it on the ground broke my heart. As she ran along she broke something off so I was watching chunks of leather being left in her wake. As I went to pick up the pieces I couldn’t get a hold of myself.

Once she was done running she actually walked back over to me as I gathered up the rest of the bridle. I didn’t yell at her, strike her, or anything else. Instead I set my jaw in to a determined line, grabbed the bit and reins that were still hanging from her neck and walked back to the barn.

Luckily, from a damage standpoint it wasn’t that bad. The only thing that was broken beyond repair was the fancy blue jeweled browband. That was now lying in front of me in multiple pieces.  Gen’s bridle might be covered in mud, but at least it wasn’t destroyed. Instead of feeling scared that she exploded with no warning what-so-ever I felt totally determined. TM knows better. Period.

So I put in the bit and the crown piece and got on to ride. TM was going to behave like the Lady she is. My goal for the ride was a submissive horse. At first she tested me, but for the first time in what felt like years I was sitting up totally straight and with complete confidence.  Every time she tried to pull crap I answered with a firm no, we are doing things my way. I am not really sure what happened, but for some reason crying about a bridle reminded me that I am a capable ride and that I really do know what I am doing. I think this might be a turning point for TM and I, in a good way of course.

4 thoughts on “That was Gennyral’s Bridle!!!!

  1. Sometimes we need a crutch or a cue or something outside of ourselves to jolt us in the right direction. The bridle was that for you. But remember, it is just a bridle. You still have Gen and all of the memories of using the bridle on him. He was not a good horse because of that bridle. You are not a good rider because of that bridle. It’s just a tool you use that can be easily replaced. Gen can’t; your memories can’t; the skills you gained using the bridle can’t.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you finally turned the corner and realized that you can handle anything that comes up with your riding or horses. TM was being a little witch and it’s good you didn’t take any crap from her. I’ll bet from now on she’ll be better behaved because you will insist on it. Welcome back.

  3. I remember listening to Jane Savoie talk about using anchors to get over hurdles/fears. That’s what came to mind when reading your post — that Gen’s bridle is your anchor, and the feelings that the bridle inspired in you enabled you to get over the hurdle you were facing in that moment. So lad you were able to find your inner strength! Good on you!

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