TM’s First Dressage Show – Part 2

As I got closer to the barn I decided to just give her a good brushing. I mean, TM is not one to roll in the mud so odds were that she while she might be a little dusty she wouldn’t be so bad that I couldn’t clean her. I had just gotten out of the car when TM and her buddy came trotting over to the fence by my car happy to see me. TM was caked in mud. MY ONE CLEAN HORSE WHO ROLLS IN THE MUD MAYBE ONCE A MONTH LOOKED LIKE GENNYRAL. I could have cried. What are the odd that she would finally decide to be disgusting?!?!

So I went to get out the stuff to give her a bath because she had left me no choice. As I was hooking up the hose I started to feel bad about doing it, so I left the hose unconnected and got TM to see if I could brush the dirt away. My indecision was killing my timeline. If I was going to give her a bath I needed to do it ASAP because it was getting colder by the minute. After 10 minutes of currying and no luck at all in getting all the mud off I knew that my hand had been forced. I had to give her a bath.

After having spent hours just two days before trying to get Gennyral warm and dry I was really feeling horrible about giving TM a bath. I decided to do it at lightning speed and do it right away. I would load her up with coolers and ride her while she was still wet to try and get her moving and hopefully warm her up. Can I just tell you that TM is a saint? She really is. Gennyral tries to kick me during a bath even on the hottest of summer days, TM just stood there, looking miserable with her ears pinned back, but like a statue none the less.

After toweling her off as best as I could I loader her up with 3 coolers (mind you the horse was not even shaking because she is tough as nails) and got ready to ride. As I brought her over to the mounting block I could tell she was cold because she was acting very Thoroughbredy…which is not like her. Every sound caught her attention, she was getting more and more up with every stride. Luckily, I am a TB person so her acting like her breed wasn’t going to stop me from riding.

In hindsight I wish it had. I wish that I had not gotten on to her. Heck, I wish I had not given her a bath. It was just stupid and not worth it. TM was horrible. Spooking, crow hopping, rearing, bucking, spinning, trying to take off with me. I have written about every time TM has had a toe out of line on this blog. The horse has misbehaved (I don’t count the not stopping because that was more of a training issues) maybe a handful of times since I started with her in June. To have her carrying on like Gennyral scared me. I stayed on and kept my cool enough to at least work on getting nice walk halt transitions so I could quit on something good, but as soon as I got three nice ones in a row I leaped off. I was the one shaking and it wasn’t because of the cold.


To Be Continued…


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