My Day Yesterday

So my work day was a little odd yesterday. Instead of just working straight through the day I got a few hours off in the middle of the day. Of course I wanted to see my pony (I had wanted to ride but it was pouring rain) so I left work and was debating if I should get lunch or just go up and see Gen. Thinking that with the rain he would be wet and not wanting to be brushed anyway I decided to just go right to the barn. The pictures from the post below were what I found.

I can’t even put in to words how dirty he was! I didn’t even want to touch him to put the lead rope on because he was just so icky. After snapping the pictures I realized that I didn’t have a choice. Gen was FREEZING his buns off. His spa treatment went so deep that the protection against the weather that his normal coat offers was not useful anymore. His hair was standing straight up and he was soaked to the bone.

I took one look at my shaking horse and knew that he needed some protection. The problem was he was so gross I didn’t want to put his nice cooler on him. Thank goodness we have hot water at the barn. I brought Gen to the outside cross ties and started to hose him off. I wanted to give him a bath, but the hot water started to run out so I had to settle for getting enough of the mud off that I could at least put a cooler on him.

Do you know how bad it makes you feel to see your horse shaking uncontrollably? The answer is really horrible. So with a dirty neck, legs and head I toweled him off as best I could put his cooler on and put his sheet on top of all of that. He was shivering so violently at that point I knew I had to get him moving so even though I had no rain gear for myself we headed out to walk around in the rain.

A cold TB somehow seems to create a hot TB. I felt like I had a firecracker on the end of my line. We didn’t even get a full lap around the ring before he exploded and tried to get away. I hung on to his lead, but just barely. After two more attempts to run away I headed back to the barn to the medical field. My thought was that if he did get away in there at least he would be contained in a small space. As you can see from the last picture on yesterdays post we walked so much that we wore a track around the medical field!

All told it took over an hour and a half to get Gen to stop shivering. Once he started warming up he looked rather pleased with himself about how dirty he had gotten. After another hour of hanging out in his stall I deemed him warm enough and dry enough to head back outside with his sheet on (just in case). He had strict instructions NOT TO ROLL.

So to sum up  my barn trip yesterday I spent three hours making sure that my horse got clean and warm while I got progressively more dirty and cold.

I know a black pony would never roll like that…I want a black pony 😛



5 thoughts on “My Day Yesterday

  1. I can tell you from experience that you are TOTALLY wrong about a black pony not doing what Gen did. How my horse manages to get mud in and behind his ears, I don’t want to know!

  2. Yup. Tryingtoride has it right. My black pony gets mud IN his ears. And he doesn’t stay black for long down here in Georgia. Mostly, he looks like a bay with black stockings and sunburned tips. But, he’s black. When he’s not mud covered, that is.

  3. Poor Gen. Cold ponies are the worst 😦
    Anyhow, I disagree with tryingtoride and Oregon Sunshine… Greys totally get the dirtiest. When your grey looks more like a palamino, you’re in trouble. When he looks like a bay? Lets not even go there.

  4. We’re not arguing which is the dirtiest, only that black horses don’t hide the dirt any better. Well, except in their ears maybe. 🙂

    For the record, I currently have a black, a palomino, a light gray, and a dapple gray. I’ve also had a chestnut and other grays, in Oregon, in the clay mud, who loved to put on a different “suit” every couple days and try out being a dun, a palomino, a bay, a chestnut, a leopard appy, a paint, etc.

    But really… Blacks don’t stay black unless you never let them outdoors in the sunlight. And they don’t hide the dirt very well either.

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