Let’s Have Some Fun

Can you put together the story of my barn visit today from these pictures???


9 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some Fun

  1. Ooh, looks like fun! Okay, I think you went to the barn and discovered that your beloved Gen had been replaced by a paint, but as you started to clean up this paint, he magically turned back into a certain little grey pony. Tada!

    Fantastic pictures… but I’m glad that’s not my horse 😉

  2. Oh my… my guess? You pulled your hair out by the handful and ran screaming out the slightly open gate when you saw that brown horse instead of your handsome grey!! 😉

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! LOL! I have no idea what happened, but that is one DIRTY boy! :-O He must have been kicking up his heels, since it looks like hoof tracks in the dry area near the gate in the bottom pic. Oh Genny!!!! At least you were clean last week…..

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