“You are going to the show and that is the end of it”

So my show season with the mare is pretty much nonexistent at this point. We went out to one show and she was a being green (which she is) so I just showed in hand. I tried to go to a dressage show over the summer and a trailer tire blew out on the highway which was damn scary…so I never made it to that show. I was supposed to go to a show a few weeks ago and it got rained out. I feel like I should just give up on showing this year.

My trainer on the other hand thinks I need to do SOMETHING show wise this year. There is a dressage show at the local show grounds in under two weeks. The local show grounds are literally 3/4 of a mile from TM’s barn. I wasn’t going to go. My trainer thought that was unacceptable.

It is so weird because my ribbon loving self should have thought that was unacceptable also except…well…I didn’t. I really wasn’t planning on going until she said something. I don’t know why I wasn’t going to go. I mean, TM and I are just going to do Intro A&B, it is not like I am going to do 3rd level at some big time show. It is just odd that I didn’t want to show.

After my trainer laying down the law with me I went to enter and you know what? I am glad I did. I think it will be fun. I really do need to get out about with TM before the winter comes. Doing a little dressage show right down the road is the perfect way to get out there and show without having it be a big deal.


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