I have a riding buddy!!!!

Okay, so I haven’t exactly ridden with them yet, but there is at least now someone else who rides at TM’s. YAY. She and her horse just moved in and she seems really, really nice. Her horse is gorgeous (I have already made threats to ponynap him) and seems well mannered as well. She even rides dressage! I know that I just met her but I have already decided that I am going to talk her in to being my show buddy and everything next year.

You wouldn’t think of ridding as a social sport, but having been the only one riding at the barn for months now I am so excited to share the ring with someone!


6 thoughts on “I have a riding buddy!!!!

  1. Even if you don’t share the same riding discipline, having someone to ride with is a good thing–“eyes on the ground” (or “in a saddle near you” ;o) and just someone to be there in case something happens. I mostly ride by myself and my cell phone is always on my person but a friend is nice, too. Good luck!!

  2. tryingtoride – I already told her I was a crazy person about trailering and that we would have to do two trips so I was only driving one horse a time. She said she was just happy to have someone to do stuff with again 🙂

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