I think I am skipping Devon this year…

So I have the day off of work. Since Dressage at Devon is a mear 2 hours away I had planned to go over there today and watch. But…I am going to a horse show tomorrow and when I woke up this morning I realized that I had a lot to do…so no Devon for me today. No big deal right? I can just go tomorrow…but I don’t know if I can go tomorrow. You see, the horse show is having a costume class. Since I LOVE costume classes I have to participate. The issue is…the costume class is the very last class of the day. I highly doubt that I will have the time to get to Devon before the Grand Prix starts. So I don’t think I am going to go.

That is bumming me out a lot.

Especially since I am doubting myself in general that going to this horse show is a good idea. This show grounds is the one I got STUCK at last time I went there. It has rained pretty much everyday for almost a month now so the ground is about 100xs softer than it was last time.

Add to that the fact that I am going alone and well…I am nervous.

My trainer thinks she is going to come by and do lead line with a student, but even if she does I am still going to have to figure out a way to load TM on to the trailer by myself and get to the show (and not get stuck of course).

I think I am just anxious because I have a lot left to do. I have to bathe and clip TM (and pray she doesn’t roll overnight) find all my show stuff (I have not even tried to show since the time that my trailer tire blew up over the summer) make sure that everything is clean, clean my tack, make something for myself that I can bring for breakfast and lunch, get the truck, clean out the trailer…well…you get the idea. I also of course need to ride.

I am going to this show because I need to get out about with TM. We have made leaps and bounds of progress at home so I need to get over her anxiety about traveling if I want to show her for real next year. I am really unconcerned about the show itself. I am much more worried about getting there and being able to leave again. My only goals for the show itself is to ride TM and place top 3 in the costume class (I just don’t know if my idea is good enough to win this year).



4 thoughts on “I think I am skipping Devon this year…

  1. I completely understand your fear of hauling alone and then to add on top of that a problem horse when traveling. I haul alone everytime and my horse is a nightmare to load and haul. I have had fears and most of the time everything has turned out fine but honestly there have been times when my biggest fears have happened. Refusing to load for hours, flipping out in the trailer and beathing himself up pretty badly. Like I said though most of the time everything has been fine. But to be brutally honest the ONLY way you will get over this fear is to DO IT. And do it some more. It is stressful, it is alot of work but it will build your confidence and that is what you need. Good luck and have a great time!

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