Sometimes it pays to be paranoid…

For those of you who are Facebook friends with “a horse and a half” you know that there was a big temperature drop in my area. It went from 83 degrees to 44 degrees in a matter of hours on Thursday night. Any horse person worth their salt knows that big changes in temperature are a recipe for Colic. I made a comment on the blogs Facebook page saying that I was worried about that. I think Gen has internet access because while he didn’t colic, he did make me worry!

I had a crazy busy day planned yesterday. I had planned to have a late dinner with a friend but I really wanted to see Gen so I made enough time to run up to the barn to give him some kisses and make sure that he was okay, before I headed back to town. When I got to the barn it was bring in time. I was already distracted thinking of the 100 things I needed to get done and talking to everyone at the barn so I wasn’t paying attention to Gen as he came in. Had I been paying attention I would have noticed that he walked to the gate to get to me instead of running over like he normally does.

I put him in his stall where his dinner was awaiting and went to get some stuff from the tack room chatting with the barn owner and the other boarder along the way. When I turned to go back in to Gen’s stall a few minutes later is was clear that I did not have a happy pony. Gen was standing with his face in the back corner of his stall doing the flippy lip. As soon as he saw me coming he turned to face me and gave me the most pathetic stare. I knew right away that Gen didn’t feel good.

He was flipping his lip, not in the cute “look at me way” he normal does, but rather he was doing it in a whiney way. Gen has only Coliced once since I have known him and the flipping lip was the first thing I noticed when that happened. I went right over to him to listen to gut sounds. Gen did have gut sounds, but not a lot and they were very weak.

That told me that he did have a belly ache, but that he was not Colicing and that he did not have an impaction. My first thought was that my poor pony was gassy. I grabbed his halter and my cell phone and started walking Gen. I canceled my plans and stopped to let Gen graze while I was chatting. My vet has always said that if a horse who is colicy wants to eat fresh green grass you should let them. Gen wasn’t interested so I hung up the phone and set about walking.

I would stop to offer to let Gen graze every few minutes and rub on Gen trying to just get him to relax. After a while  he did start to relax…and fart. As the gas left his appetite came back full force. Soon he was doing more grazing then walking. I listened in to his gut sounds and they were getting better and better with each walking lap. After an hour Gen’s tummy let out a monster grumble. He stopped and looked at me wondering where that sound came from. All I could do was was give him a pat and tell him that sound was a good thing, he let out a sigh and went back to grazing.

I waited around for a little while longer, but it was pretty clear that he was feeling totally fine. I wanted to see him poop, but after listening to him fart over and over again I could tell that I was wasting my time so I left. As I was driving away I had to laugh though. Gen’s belly ache should have happened the day of the temperate drop, not 24 hours later. I swear he was waiting for me. He just wanted to make sure he got enough Mommy time yesterday:P Seriously though, I am lucky that I caught his not feeling well early. It was a reminder to me to not get so wrapped up in my own like…that and the fact that my horse is a total drama queen…


6 thoughts on “Sometimes it pays to be paranoid…

  1. I actually chuckled when I started to read this. Why? – Because I sent a paranoid text to my barn manager the first morning after the same temperature drop here in the NorthEast begging her to check on Joey and make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. I just smiled knowing there’s another horsey person who has the same opinion of sudden drastic changes in temperature.

    Glad to hear Gen felt better after your care and didn’t need any more than that to ease your mind.

  2. I actually called the vet and made an appointment one time when I knew there was going to be a huge temp drop one day…80 in the a.m. and 40 by afternoon (in Houston). I had a appy who would colic every time.

    The non-horsey people in the office thought I was psychic…the appy did colic! But the vet arrived and all was well.

  3. This story was so sweet! Just shows how well you know your pony and how much he depends on you. I have moments like this sometimes too… they melt your heart don’t they?

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