What pretty toes you have…


I know that my horse is looking thoroughly unimpressed in this picture, but he should really be pleased with himself. You see, Gen got his feet trimmed today…and look at those beauties! After having so much trouble at the start of the summer keeping him sound it amazes me at how well his feet are doing. Even more impressive is the fact that the ground has been MUSH for almost a month straight. As the trimmer says, “if we can keep his feet getting better and better with weather like this think about how great they will look in November”.

Can I just tell you how happy I am that I decided to try those fancy, new-age glue on shoes at the start of the summer? Good feet might just take time, but I think that having them be protected really helped speed the process up…


6 thoughts on “What pretty toes you have…

  1. Great feet!
    Maggie is overdue. I didnt want her done right after her colic surgery, but now I think my shoer is on vacation. Hiw wife has a corporate job.

  2. Shoes that you glue on? How amazing! And a great solution. My horse is barefoot most of the time but for rocky trail rides, I bought Cavallo Easy Boots at the recommendation from a local tack store. They veclro on tight and stay on, but are easy to put on and take off. I call them his hiking boots.

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