Where have you been…

I know that I have gotten a ton of e-mails, text messages and even a few phone calls in the past few weeks from concerned online friends so first let me apologize to everyone that was worried about me. I am so sorry for making you worry needlessly. Gen, The Mare and I are all fine. I did have a very busy summer, but it was not the most horsey summer ever so you all really didn’t miss much. I haven’t shown, have only been riding about 3 days a week and Gen (knock on wood) has only had minor medical issues (just to keep me on my toes).

I did have to euthanize my Dog 😦 Her name was Coco and she was 19 years old. The picture was just taken a few weeks before her death. Not bad for an old dog right? I miss her very much. My family inherited her when she was 10 and she quickly decided that I was her human…just like Gen she knew I would be the best human owner.

The reason I have not been online was because I was having major connection issues with the internet. It took countless hours on the phone, a new computer, new lines, a new modem and some visits from computer gurus, but the problem has finally been resolved so I should be back to my regularly blogging self.

I still can’t believe that summer is over…neither can Gen.

He doesn’t understand why it isn’t beach season anymore.

How was everyone else’s summer? I have almost 1,000 unread blog posts according to my reader so it might take me a bot to catch up with everyone. Could you live without going online everyday? It was tough at first, but by the end I was starting to like it. Except that I did miss blogging. And Gen missed his admirers.

Poor guy has been so lacking in the attention departments that this morning when I went to the barn I caught him watching the barn owners fix his fence. Not from afar, but rather standing just feet away, supervising. He clearly is in need of some human praise if he is willing to “help” with farm repair!


10 thoughts on “Where have you been…

  1. I just wanted to say that I am soooo sorry about your dog. You should be very proud that you gave her such a good home for 19 years! That’s like over 100 years in human terms. Why do we love these animals so much when they are on this earth for such a short time?

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Coco! She was a wonderful dog. She didnt like me much but she sure loved you and everything you did for her 🙂 But I must say the picture of Gen is hilarious, and you really need to make a calendar!! Glad you are back to blogging, I was also getting worried!

  3. I’m sorry sbout your dog. She was adorable. It sure sounds like she had a great home with you! I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you’re back. 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear about Coco. 😦 Nineteen years is a GREAT age, though, and I know all the years with you were fantastic ones.

    Glad to hear you all made it through the storms okay! And I love the photo of Gen. I second the idea of doing a calendar, haha.

  5. Sadness for Coco, And for you too.
    My summer has been very horsey, but not in a good way. However, my new pony Maggie lives! I can start working her in November, when the bad rains and mud is happening here.

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