No Show

So I know I have not been a very good blogger as of late. Sorry! It was pointed out to me that I never shared what happened at the last horse show. There is a reason for that. It is because I didn’t actually make it to the show…

The night before I decided to stop thinking about it and just go. I canceled my plans so I could stay home and drink water so I would be totally hydrated by the morning. After getting to bed nice and early the alarm still went off in what seemed like no time. At 4am the temperature was already 87 degrees…with 100% humidity. By the time I went to get my trailer at 5am the temperature was creeping up to the 90s already. I hooked up my trailer in record time, but there was a problem.

I live smack dab in between two major cities (one east one west). They are each about an hour away. Normally I love it…but on days when it is so hot and muggy…not so much. You see the pollution can make the air kind of yucky. Just getting in and out of the truck was making me sweat…a lot. I was also having trouble catching my breath because of the poor air quality. I still didn’t want to through in the towel, but I was starting to have some doubts about going. Heat is the number one weather related killer in the world (more than floods, tornadoes, hurricanes. etc) and I was starting to wonder why exactly I was thinking this was such a good idea.

I decided to go say good morning to Gen (who had been watching me with interest over his fence) and see if standing still I could catch my breath and cool down at least a little bit. As soon as I got a good view of Gen I knew I couldn’t go to the show. It was 5am and my horse was sunken in and COVERED in sweat. I knew he wasn’t running around…he was that hot just from standing. I checked for signs of dehydration and I got VERY concerned. Not only did Gen FAIL the skin pull test (it didn’t snap back at all) but what got me really worried was that he didn’t pass the gum test either. I knew that I was not going to take TM to a horse show if my own horse was in that bad of a shape from doing NOTHING!

After confirming that he did indeed have access to water on his own (His 30 gallon water trough outside was full) I knew I had to take matters in to my own hand. I went and got a fresh bucket of water and proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes hand spooning my horse water (he is such a baby…he would only drink from my hands). I got about 3 gallons in to him before his gums were looking better and I felt that it was safe to hose him off. Gen got a nice sunrise shower and I tried (and failed) to give him some electrolytes.

I went back up and unhooked the trailer (which again caused me to sweat like crazy) and drove home. I called at 7am to let them know I was scratching and I was really annoyed. They said that a TON of people had decided not to show because of the extreme heat (horses in my area are not used to not getting a break in the heat overnight) yet they didn’t cancel the show. So I lost $52 on the entry:( I went back to the barns at 11 to hose off Gen and TM and it was bad out.

I know that I did the right thing by scratching…but I was still not happy about it. I missed out on two ribbons 😦 Plus now I only have one show with a helping hand and then I am off on my own. There is never a reason to hurt a horse though and with heat like that it just wasn’t safe.

So what is next? Why another horse show of course! This weekend. I already checked the temps and it is supposed to be mid 80s. Much better!

I need to get better about posting. I want to talk about my riding, the lessons that TM and I are having, Gen getting his shoes off, TM’s real name, the Courtney Dye video, etc. I also want to get my show goals changed for 2011 before I go to the show since the ones posted now are from when I was riding the SchoolMaster.


4 thoughts on “No Show

  1. Well done for pulling out of the show, even though it cost you the entry fee, and you are two ribbons down, you know you did the right thing.
    Your’s and your horses health are worth a lot more than ribbons.
    PLUS you can get those ribbons at this weekends show! GOOD LUCK FOR IT!
    becca x

  2. It’s too bad you had to miss the show, but you have to do what’s best for your horse! It’s tough though. I know with the big EHV scare, I made the decision to skip a show, just to be on the safe side, since horses in the area had brought the disease back from Utah. It was tough, but the right thing to do.

  3. Good call. Especially since it sounds like Gen was in trouble. No way could you concentrate on a show with a sick horse at home. Good luck with the next show! 🙂

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