“You do realize the heat index is going to be 115 tomorrow right?”

So my horse show is tomorrow…if I go. I am sitting in the truck, outside the library right now using the internet. I was hoping that when I checked the shows website they would have a post saying that it was canceled. No such luck. I don’t know what to do.

TM is okay in the heat. I am not.

My times are 10:14 and 10:26 so at least it is kind of early and they are close together. Plus the show is an hour away and it is all highway so I don’t have to worry about her over heating in the trailer. Plus the Young Rider is coming with me. She can only come tomorrow and the next show. After that TM and I are on our own if I want to show.

It is going to be sooooo hot though. I wish they would just cancel! I don’t know what to do?!?!?!


10 thoughts on ““You do realize the heat index is going to be 115 tomorrow right?”

  1. I know from reading how much you like shows…..but to me showing horses in that kindv heat is just not fair to them. Or you! Extreme heat only adds stress in a situation where you don’t need it. Better to take an early early hack around and then a nice cool bath. I am worried about my nephew playing in a baseball tournament this weekend in NC. Wish they would cancel that.

  2. I think you should go and bring all your show gear BUT….Don’t ride unless you are really comfortable. Nothing would be worse for TM’s training and confidence than for you to fall off from heat exhaustion (or even for you to be NQR – she needs you). However, the experience of going to the show will be good for her, even if you just hand walk her. If she and you are really good, maybe just ride in the warmup but don’t show – maybe just walk under saddle. One consideration is trailering – do you think she’ll be okay in the trailer? No one says you have to show or ride or even go – stay safe.

  3. We were supposed to go to a little dinksy inconsequential schooling show yesterday, but with a temperature in the 100+ range and a heat index of 123.8, we skipped out. Plus the show was at 5, so it wasn’t a hard choice to make.
    If I were you, I’d plan on going. Get it all together, then on the day of the show if you aren’t comfortable, stay home. Or even just go to the show grounds and ride around nice and early in the morning. You can always get there and decide to scratch.

  4. I think tryingtoride has an excellent idea. Go with the idea of just hanging out for a while and showing her the show grounds. It could help make up for that last outing and give her a chance to see what is going on. Then, IF you feel great and she is great, go ahead and show. If not, just go home, you will have taken a big step in introducing this mare to showing and the next time you won’t have to worry about her.

  5. If you go and then decide not to ride you will have a chance to let TM see another show and not be ridden. Let her hang out by the rail and watch the other horses and hand walk her around before leaving. No stress and she’ll probably thank you for not putting tack on her and riding. If you decide to ride in this heat…good luck. For me it would be too hot and I don’t think it’s fair to the horses either, they should cancel the show.

  6. I’m chiming in late since WE were at a show yesterday so by now you’ve already left.

    We had debated about going to our show yesterday because of the high heat, humidity and chance of storms. We had two of the three. The temp was only 84 because of the clouds and off and on rain but the humidity was just as high so it didn’t take much effort to sweat. Actually it didn’t take any in my case since I was dripping while just sitting still.

    You are actually really lucky in dressage that you have specific times for your classes and can be in and out relatively quick. Our show lasted ALL day but at least the horses had shady stalls with fans to go back to between classes. It’s a tough decision. We had some people not show because of the weather…

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