Show time…almost

So walk/trot and all, TM and I are now entered to show. Yay! We have a dressage schooling show this weekend. It is about an hour away with highway driving, but there is really nothing close by me in the next few weeks (I know, some of you are ready to kill me bitching about going a whole hour away…but the local show grounds is not even a mile from TM’s). In fact, looking at my new goals for 2011 and the like (which deserves a post on its own) I think that most of our shows are going to be about an hour away this year.

So I chose this show for a reason. I am a little nervous because I have never been to this show grounds before, but I have driven by it on my way to other shows so at least I have some ideas about it. It looks like a very well organized and low key kind of place. That is exactly the kind of show that I want to start TM’s dressage career at. I have heard good things about the people, and the only negatives that I have heard are complaints about the footing. Since TM and I are just going walk/trot I am not that concerned about footing. Clearly if they ride in it everyday it can’t be that bad and it is not like I am asking for collection or medium gaits.

Now, the show also has clear round jumping which I am thinking can be either a positive or a negative (we will see). The positive being that if she can keep her brain together with horses jumping around here that gives me a boost of confidence. The negative being that I am adding another layer of “stuff” that she is going to have to deal with. I really think that this show will be different. I hope that TM behaves better because of all the things I am doing differently.

So what I am going to change?

1) I hired the Young Rider to come with me. I feel very comfortable when she is around and I know that I can trust her with TM. Plus she said that she would coach me in the warm up. It is always good to have a competent horse person around to help you when you go to a show, especially one that can help you ride your best.
2) I will give myself more time at the show. I still say that almost a half hour before an In Hand class is plenty for a normal horse, but TM is not a normal horse…yet. She is still very Green. I am not going to commit to an amount of time yet (if my class is at 8:00 I just can’t see myself getting there before 6:45) but I will make sure to give TM plenty of time to look around and relax before I tack her up.
3) I will be riding in a better fitting saddle for her! No more western or pooly fitting dressage saddles. I got my Wintec and fitted it to her as best as I could (which is actually pretty close) so the issues with saddle fit should be gone…
4) I am going to keep in mind that while she is sensible, she is still green. I forgot that at the last show and just assumed that because she was good about stuff she would be good about everything. I think I learned my lesson on that front after our first show!
5) I am going to be the rock that I normally am off the property. Getting my trailer stuck really frazzled me and so when TM looked to me for comfort she didn’t get it. Having the Young Rider around (who is my rock) will keep me level headed no matter what happens.


4 thoughts on “Show time…almost

  1. At least with the show being an hour away maybe the trailer ride will tire her out a little bit. That usually works in my favor anyway! Good luck and most important have fun 🙂

  2. arrive At least an hour early!!!! do not make this an uber stressful situation on that mare an expect her to be cool, calm, and collected. get her focussed on you as soon as you get there with lots of feet moving time. Backing, circles, a bit of lunging, lots of “whoa” action. and have fun! dont be jittery or panicky! 🙂 its just a show. a practice show. no worries, only fun.

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