The “Three Word” horse show – Discouraging – Part 1

I swear I nearly died of shocked when they announced that TM and I had gotten 4th place! In a conformation class! I am still not sure how that happened, but I really did try to get the mare set up to look the best that she could. I think the judge just liked my pretty girl! With that success we walked over to TMO who had just arrived. The mare was looking a little up, but she was totally listening to me so after talking we decided that while TM was not being perfect, she was being damn good and as long as she was listening to me we would try a lead line class so OGD could be in her very first horse show. We walked back to the trailer to put the tiny saddle on her and get the OGD ready to ride.

Now since I started with TM I have felt very safe on her. She is very green, but she has also proven herself to be sensible. The second time I rode her the neighbors were using a jackhammer to take down the pool next door. I have taken to riding her bareback at lease once a week because I really do trust her. She might not be Lexi, but every time she has put a toe out of place there was lots of warning and there was clearly a reason be it crappy saddle fit or not understanding what I am asking her to do.

So TMO decided to hold TM while I put the tiny saddle on. I put the girth on the first hole of each side and was just about to take TM back when it happened…

Out of no where TM flipped out.

She arched her neck and lept up several feet in the area. I was in shock as I watched her. She did not kick out, but she certainly got as least as much air time as Gen does. She landed and made this…this…sound. I don’t really know how to describe it. Everyone who was parked near by stopped and looked over. TM lept up again, landed and purposely KNOCKED TMO over on to the ground.

At this point she had lept far enough away from me that I was out of reach. I stood there helplessly as TMO lay on the ground and OGD stood close by stuck between the truck and the crazed horse. I snapped back to action as I watched TM go up again and land inches away from TMO’s arm on the ground. I grabbed the lead line and yanked TM away from TMO and OGD. TM was broken out in sweat, but as soon as I grabbed her she stopped jumping out of her skin. The OGD was, of course, crying at this point and TMO was slow, very slow in getting to her feet as a crowd of people rushed over.

To Be Continued…


10 thoughts on “The “Three Word” horse show – Discouraging – Part 1

  1. Okay…again I don’t think you are naming these threads correctly. That’s not discouraging, it’s frightening (for the TMO) for you it’s probably more of an oh, sh-t why didn’t I throw her on a lunge line quickly when I got here moment. It sounds like you learned a lot of lessons from this show.

  2. I have to say, I think it was a blessing in disguise that TM did this. I hate to think of what would have happened if you had put that little girl on board. Could have been really, really bad.

  3. wow…..that’s pretty crazy! i hope you took her away from the group and lunged and backed her, made her move her feet directly after the mares owner was being taken care of….

  4. So glad the little girl wasn’t on her and she missed her owner on the ground. I can only think there must be a reason she blew up. Might have been something to do with the saddle or girth. Or maybe she was just all pent up from so much new stuff in one day. She seems pretty calm and sensible otherwise. I’ll guess you’ve figured it all out by now and will let us know.

  5. Yeah..I can’t help wondering if its the saddle…anticipation of pain, or the start of pain that she knew would lead to more and more. I wonder if she associates TMO with saddle problems, and so was like “OMG! It’s not OnTheBit! It’s TMO and this saddle is going to hurt like heck!” I read the next part and came back here to see what folks thought on this. I sure hope TMO doesn’t give up on her. It sounds like she’s a good horse and just needs a level headed experienced rider (like you. 🙂 )

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